Welcome to the Student Field Experiences website. Should you have questions or need clarification on Elementary or Secondary program requirements anytime throughout your teacher preparation program, please contact the Education Advising Center (N328 LC, 335-5119). If you have questions relative to practicum or student teaching requirements please call or stop by the Office of Student Services in which the Office of Student Field Experiences is housed (N310 LC, 335-5361).

As you begin either the elementary or a secondary teacher education program, to assist you in your path through the program, one of the initial course requirements is either the Orientation to Elementary or Secondary Education course. Each course is designed to provide newly admitted teacher education students with information relative to program-related topics including: a) the advising process, b) the Teacher-Leader certificate, c) the means by which students will document that they have met the State Professional Education Core Requirements, d) practicum experiences, e) student teaching, f) applying for licensure, and g) the job application process.

Answering Your Top Student Field Experience Questions

What is student field experience? Is it the same as student teaching?
A student field experience is an opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom with supervised practice in the field (a Pre/K-12 classroom setting). Student Teaching is the culminating field experience of the teacher education program. This field experience is an all day, full-semester placement in a school setting that is generally completed the final fall or spring semester of enrollment in the teacher education program.

What student field experience is required to graduate/get my license?
Each program has different requirements, but generally practicums and a 15-week student teaching experience would be required as part of program completion requirements.

What is practicum?
Practicum refers to any early field experience in a Pre/K-12 classroom in which students apply knowledge in working with students and instruction that is a pre-requisite to the student teaching semester.

So, I have to do a practicum plus student teaching?
Yes, according to Iowa Teaching Licensure requirements, a major practicum will need to be completed before you are permitted to student teach. Practicum requirements vary within each program area and range from 80 to over 100 hours.

What semester do I start my student field experience?
There are field experiences at many different stages and associated with different courses throughout the program.


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