UI REACH Orientation: Transitioning to College Life

Students at the check-in table
Summer Family Orientation is an opportunity for staff to share information with parents/guardians and incoming students. In June, students and families participate in a required two-day summer orientation for UI REACH.  Students meet their peers, register for classes, explore campus life, and learn their way around campus.  Parents learn more about the UI REACH experience, meet fellow parents and staff, and explore college transition issues as a group.  Our current Year 2 students, alumni, and families of UI REACH graduates assist in orientation activities.

Move-in typically occurs in August a few days before the University fall semester begins. Students and their families arrive on campus to move into the residence halls. UI REACH staff are on hand to assist as needed with parking, finding the elevators, locating the students' rooms, introducing UI REACH students and families, and attending to the many details included in the first day of college.

Fall Orientation further supports students in their adjustment to college life and their new home. In August, orientation events, including informational sessions and workshops, campus activities, and panel discussions, are designed to help students learn more about The University of Iowa and prepare for the UI REACH experience. Fall orientation typically extends through the first week of the semester.

Students learn about the weekly schedule, campus life, and campus navigation.  Some of the leisure activities of orientation promote teamwork and safety.  We also guide parents on ways to support their student living away at college, addressing general concerns, and making the transition to college as smooth as possible.

Living in the Residence Halls

Living away from home, while attending a college program, is an important way to learn independent life and social skills.  All UI REACH students live in Stanley Hall with traditional students.  The residence hall experience is an engaging, exciting community experience.

Students participate in social activities and educational programs offered in the hall communities.  UI REACH staff teach students about healthy lifestyles, decision-making, problem-solving, and societal expectations.

UI REACH resident assistants (RAs) - undergraduate student staff - live in the UI REACH hall community, attend activities with our students, support students in their transition, and handle situations that may arise in the hall.  UI REACH RAs are available evenings.  A professional UI REACH staff member is on-call 24 hours a day.

UI REACH students live in a residence hall with another UI REACH student.  Stanley Hall is located next to the Burge Marketplace Dining Hall.  Stanley Hall offers a living environment conducive to academic success.  Stanley Hall has amenities such as access to the Currier Fitness Room, computer lab, and a multipurpose room where many student activities are offered.

Residents of Stanley Hall join O.S.C.A.R. (Organized Stanley Currier Associated Residents) or Associated Residence Halls (ARH) to assist in planning hall and neighborhood activities.  UI REACH students are encouraged to get involved in hall and campus organizations to interact with their peers and develop leadership skills.

Campus Life

UI REACH students experience campus life with other University of Iowa students through participation in cultural and social events, theater performances, student clubs, and sporting events.  Students are encouraged to discover the leisure and recreational opportunities offered on the University campus.  Campus life allows students to enjoy their current interests and explore new opportunities.  The University of Iowa encourages students to apply their enhanced life and independent skills through real-world experiences.

Student Activities and Enrichment

REACH students with Hawkeye gear
Numerous activities and learning opportunities will be offered and attendance at most activities is expected of students. Training on skills needed to live and work independently, including healthy lifestyles, personal care and safety, civic responsibilities, safety awareness, time management and self-advocacy, are addressed. 

University students are encouraged to get involved through the Pick One program.  Getting involved in campus life allows students to become a proud Hawkeye by participating in activities and developing leadership skills. These activities provide an integrated collegiate experience including intramural sports, athletic and cultural events, hall programs, and student organizations that allow students to make life-long friends and to learn to navigate the campus and community.

Students in the UI REACH Program must follow the expectations and policies outlined in the The University of Iowa Student Services Handbook, University Housing Guidebook, and UI REACH Program Handbook.  UI REACH students will generally have the same consequences and follow The University of Iowa's disciplinary process.

Community Life

Flag ceremony at Kernels game
Developing community life skills enables our alumni to live with greater self-sufficiency and to contribute to their community through successful employment, leisure, and service activities.  Students gain self-confidence, interpersonal skills, knowledge of community resources, and an awareness of personal safety as they explore the city for work, service, and leisure activities.  Students also gain an understanding of local government and self-advocacy as they learn about current issues, participate in community events, and mentor others.

UI REACH students have many opportunities to develop their community participation and leadership skills through service learning on campus and in the community.  Volunteer work allows students to learn about giving back to their community and being a part of the local community. 

In order to balance the many leisure and service activities planned during the year, students are also guided in learning to manage their weekly schedule through using planners, lists, and electronic organizational tools.

Annual Campus Security Report

The combined Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available on the UI Department of Public Safety’s website at http://police.uiowa.edu/about/campus-security-act/.  If you would like to receive a paper copy of this report, you may contact the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety at 808 University Capitol Centre, Iowa City, IA 52242, or by calling (319) 335-5022.  The report contains information regarding campus security and personal safety including topics such as: crime prevention, fire safety, university police law enforcement authority, crime reporting policies, disciplinary procedures and other matters of importance related to security and safety on campus. It also contains information about crime statistics for the three previous calendar years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by UI; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus.  This information is required by federal law.