The UI REACH experience integrates the areas of Academic Enrichment, Career Development, Student Life, and Transition to create a dynamic collegiate opportunity for students. UI REACH is committed to excellence in all areas of student education and development.


Our vision is to empower young adults to become independent, self-determined individuals whose lives are personally rewarding.


Our mission is to provide an integrated Big Ten University experience which equips young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve greater independence through campus involvement, career development, coursework, and residence hall living. We strive to develop and implement best practices in post-secondary education within our field through collaborative research.

Program Standards

  1. Academics and Lifelong Learning: Demonstrate lifelong learning skills, including practical academic skills
  2. Career and Vocation: Demonstrate understanding of individual career exploration and workplace readiness
  3. Community and Leisure: Demonstrate preparedness for community life and leisure activities
  4. Independent and Daily Life: Demonstrate competence in independent and daily life skills
  5. Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination: Demonstrate the use of self-advocacy and self-determination skills
  6. Social and Interpersonal: Engage appropriately in social and interpersonal interactions