The Paul Blommers Measurement Resources Library provides resources and services to support the teaching and research needs of faculty, staff, and students of the University of Iowa, primarily serving the College of Education. The Blommers Library collection includes books, journals, research reports, and reference materials related to educational and psychological measurement, testing, assessment, and evaluation as well as an extensive collection of published and unpublished tests. The library is not affiliated with the University of Iowa library system, and is supported with non-state funding from the Iowa Measurement Research Foundation.

NOTE: Material in Blommers Library is not included in the UI InfoHawk system. You must use Blommers Catalog to search the collection.

  • Research Assistance - The librarian can assist you with searches and will provide individual or classroom instruction in using databases, references sources, library catalogs, and other online resources. The librarian can also help you with locating tests, reports, books, dissertations, and journal articles listed in references.
  • Presentations to Classes -  Request a session for your class to visit Blommers Library or to have the librarian speak to your class about testing resources.
  • Recommend a Library Purchase - Suggest material for the library to purchase that is related to measurement and statistics. You will be notified when the item arrives. 


As Iowa Testing Programs grew in prominence, Director E.F.Lindquist and the faculty decided a library that focused primarily on testing and measurement would be beneficial to them and their graduate students. The Blommers Measurement Resources Laboratory opened with non-state funding from the Iowa Measurement Research Foundation in 1973. Located in the newly-constructed Lindquist Center for Measurement, the library was named in honor of University of Iowa Professor Paul J. Blommers.

Blommers wrote numerous articles in the field of educational statistics and measurement. He and Professor Lindquist co-authored Elementary Statistical Methods in Psychology and Education (c1960, Houghton Mifflin); he and Professor Robert Forsyth co-authored the 2nd edition (c1976, Houghton Mifflin). 

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