Praxis II Required for Completion of All Teacher Preparation Programs Beginning January 2013

I am a Fall 2015 Elementary Education student teacher and I already have registered for test 5014; should I cancel it and register for 5018?

No, either 5014 or 5018 will satisfy the content test requirement. There is no need to go to the expense or trouble of cancelling one test to register for the other. The same is true for Spring 2016 student teachers.

I have tried to register and request scores for the UI, but the ETS online registration says "this institution is not accepting scores for these tests." What do I do?

Go ahead and proceed with registration. ETS staff are making changes so that the scores will be reported. Please make Office of Student Services staff aware of any concerns

When should I take the tests?

Our best suggestion is, just before student teaching, perhaps during the Fall semester for Spring student teachers, or during the Summer session for Fall student teachers. 

  • Because the tests are a requirement for program completion, the latest you would want to test is about two months before the end of student teaching.
  • Because state requirements can change with limited notice, earlier than the semester before student teaching may not be a good idea.

Many Praxis II tests are offered during limited windows each year, so it is important to plan ahead.

If I plan to teach outside of Iowa, do I need to take these tests?

Yes. Because this testing requirement is a requirement for program completion, you cannot be recommended to any state for licensure until you have satisfied this requirement.

I am a graduate student; do I need to take these two tests and comprehensive exams?

Yes, these tests for program completion and the comprehensive examinations for your graduate degree are unrelated. The tests for program completion are required to complete preparation for teaching licensure. Comprehensive examinations are required for completion of graduate degrees.

Do I need to request a score report for the Iowa Department of Education?

No. You need to have ETS provide a Designated Institution Score Report to "Univ of Iowa Education," which is ETS score recipient number 6681.

How can I prepare for the tests?

Educational Testing Service provides a variety of preparation materials at: Following the link for Praxis tests, and look for "Prepare for a Test."

I'm a licensed teacher in a program to add an endorsement; do I need to test?

No. Only students completing initial teaching licensure need Praxis II tests. There is no Praxis II testing requirement to add endorsements.

I will be getting more than one endorsement; do I need a content test for each endorsement?

No, you only need one content test. The test associated with your main area of licensure may be the best choice. The content test must be approved by the BOEE for the endorsement that you are completing. See above.

I already took Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, 0011 or 5011, what should I do?

The exemption to use test 0011 or 5011 Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment expired June 30, 2013. See above for current testing requirements.

Does the College of Education or the Iowa Department of Education offer help to pay test fees?

No, but Educational Testing Service (ETS) offers limited fee waivers. See the Praxis fee waiver information on the ETS web site at:

May I re-take a test if I don't pass it the first time?

Yes. The Iowa Department of Education does not limit on the number of times you can re-take Praxis. How often tests can be re-taken is limited by ETS.

Test and minimum score requirements are reviewed annually by the Iowa Department of Education; changes (if any) become effective each August 1. Minimum scores can go up or down, and if the test that is approved for an endorsement is discontinued the Iowa Department of Education will identify and approve a new or different test.

Can I take a different PLT test than the one listed above?

Yes, probably.
There are four PLT tests:

  • Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): Early Childhood 5621, 160
  • Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): K-6 5622, 167
  • Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): 5-9 5623, 166
  • Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): 7-12 5624, 165

Information from the Iowa Department of Education (9/20/2012) indicates that "candidates should choose the level in which they are best qualified." It appears that this would be the K-6 test, 5622 for Elementary TEP students, and the 7-12 test, 5624 for secondary and K-12 students. If you think you may have reasons to take a different PLT test, please discuss your reasons with staff of the Office of Student Services.

I didn't pass a test; can I take a different test?

Yes, probably. Students need to pass only one content test, and it can be the content test associated with any endorsement they are completing. The list above does not include all options. If you think you may have reasons to take a different content test, or if you have questions about your options to take a different test, please discuss your reasons with staff of the Office of Student Services.

Your web page lists only numbers for computer-delivered tests. Can I take a paper-delivered test?

No, sorry. Praxis tests will be computer-delivered only beginning Summer 2014. The last paper-delivered Praxis administration was June 7, 2014.