This page contains information for students of The University of Iowa who have completed a professional service program, but who are not already licensed teachers (School Counseling, School Psychology, School Speech-Language Pathology, School Audiology, or School Social Work) to apply for an initial professional service license.

Licensed teachers who have completed a professional service program should follow directions to add endorsements.

Application Steps

STEP 1: Complete online application to Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE)

  • Visit the BOEE Apply For a New or Additional License page.
  • Select "Support Services License"
  • Select "Professional Service License - Iowa Institution Preparation"
  • Create an account (if you do not have one already) with a permanent (not your email account
  • Enter your information (see below for notes on completing these steps), pay fees, and submit your application.

STEP 2: Fingerprinting

STEP 3: Submit forms to Office of Student Services

Complete the following application materials. Notes on completing these forms.

  • FileProgram Checklist
  • Program Guide (For each course requirement, indicate the semester/session of completion, or indicate substitute course, Get signature of faculty adviser and turn with other forms).

STEP 4: Return completed application materials from Step 3 and direct questions

David Tingwald
University of Iowa – College of Education
Office of Student Services
310 Lindquist Center North
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1529
fax: 319-335-5364

Requirements to Complete Separately

  • Application for Degree (Students who are completing a degree must apply for degree through MyUI by a deadline set by the Office of the Registrar.)

Strongly Recommended to Apply

You are strongly encouraged to apply for an Iowa professional service license upon completion of your program, even if you don't intend to teach in Iowa. Application for this license validates completion of our current University of Iowa approved program. The program you have just completed is currently on file and approved by the Iowa Department of Education.

Apply as soon as you are eligible. As programs or licensure requirements change, you will eventually become ineligible for the initial Iowa professional service license. It is much easier to renew than to meet a new set of program requirements. It is not usually necessary to renew this license unless you are teaching in this State. Holding an Iowa license is frequently beneficial when making application for licensure in another state.

Notes on completing forms

Online Application for Licensure

  • Personal Info: Use a stable, permanent email address, not your email address, as the login I.D. for your account.
  • Send info to Iowa: Click "Send Info" to create an account and "folder number" (your license number), if you do not already have one.
  • Apply for License: Under Teaching License "ID_105: In State Teacher/Professional Service/Class G Counseling License” should already be selected.
  • Iowa Grad License Type: Be sure "IA - University of Iowa" and "Initial Professional Service" are selected from the drop down menus.
  • Background Info: Answer questions, and provide explanations as required. "When in doubt, disclose."
  • Background Packet: See Fingerprinting options. From the drop-down menu, select either:
    • "An Iowa College, University, or AEA has or will arranged fingerprinting for me" if you will be using Option 1: Fingerprinting Day, Option 2: The University of Iowa Department of Public Safety, or Option 4: Fingerprinting through another police department; or
    • "I will come to Grimes Building in person" for Option 3: In Des Moines, in-office at the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE).
  • Fees: For most applicants, total fees should be $163.00, consisting of $85.00 for the license application, $75.00 for the background check, and a $3.00 "convenience fee." For applicants who do not need a background check, the total fee will be $88.00.
  • Confirmation: Click "Submit Application." Payment and submission are two separate steps.

Fingerprint Cards

Program Checklist

  • Use this form to tell Office of Student Services staff which endorsements you think you are getting
  • When in doubt, include endorsements you aren't sure about


The Board of Educational Examiners maintains a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the Professional Service License.