Directory Information

For DEPARTMENT indicate one of the four Education departments (i.e. Teaching and Learning), and for DEGREE MAJOR, the same. APPROVED SUBTRACK is the program major that is your academic area of study (i.e. Elementary Education).

Grad Work Completed or in Progress

Transfer Graduate Credit

Record all graduate transfer work completed at other institutions that is recorded on your University of Iowa transcript and will be applied to this degree program. The Registrar must have an official transcript from the institution where the work was completed before transfer coursework can be applied to this degree. Your plan of study cannot be approved until transcripts are received and credit is on your UI record. If you are applying any credit from an institution ALL credit must be listed in this section.

U of I Hours Earned

This should include all work recorded on the U of I transcript under the heading "Hrs. Earned" (lower right hand corner of grade report). "Incomplete" hours are not included in this total and should be entered in section D.

Current Registration

You must show a course registration the semester that you write comprehensive exams. The course registration can be anything that you and your advisor deem appropriate and can be for as little as 1 s.h. If any of your current registration is correspondence, extension or transfer classes, label them accordingly. Please notify the Office of Student Services if you change your registration so that your Plan of Study may be adjusted.

Reduction of Credit

Indicate on the Plan of Study, the transcript or a separate sheet of paper those courses not applicable to the degree (include both U of I and transfer work). Discuss the deletion of course work from your Plan with your adviser. You must show course by course deletions for any credit that does not apply to this degree.

Courses Over 10 Years Old

Any course work taken more than ten years prior to the Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination that is to be counted as part of the student's Plan of Study must be evaluated and verified as updated by the department (Assoc. Dean of Educ.) Your adviser should request this evaluation and submit a written recommendation for update of credit with the Plan of Study. The recommendation for update of credit should indicate how the credit has been updated by more recent related course work. Course work taken more than ten years before the Comprehensive Examination and not verified as above,must be deleted. Contact Student Services for assistance.

Courses in Irrelevant Fields

Indicate any current coursework taken in a non‐related field that cannot apply to this degree program.

Additional Required Work

Include course work, seminars, research and Ph.D. thesis credit which is to be completed after the current registration. This would also include any incomplete coursework that will be a part of the degree program. The student will be held to these credits unless a "Change in Ph.D. Plan of Study" is filed at a later date. When considering additional required coursework do not include current registration – do include any requirement of the degree even if no course registration is related such as pre‐doc internship.


Students must acquire the Adviser’s signature on the Plan of Study Summary Sheet and the Advisor and Department Chair’s signature on the Comprehensive Examination Application. The remaining signatures will be secured by the Student Services staff. Submit the forms to N310 LC by the deadlines established for each session. Copies of your record and current registration will be submitted by the Student Services office (unless you need to show reduction in credits, in which case one copy of your record with those courses ).

Information on Registration Requirements

As a minimum, 39 s.h. must be earned while registered at The University of Iowa Graduate College. After completing 21 semester hours of graduate work under the Graduate College registration and in compliance with the Graduate College policy for time limits on academic credit, i.e., courses ten years or older may not be counted toward the degree, students must complete an additional 18 semester hours to be taken as follows:

  1. enrollment as a full-time student (9 semester hours minimum) in each of two semesters, or
  2. enrollment for a minimum of 6 semester hours in each of three semesters.

A student must be registered in the semester in which s/he earns his/her degree.

Be sure to check that all members of your committee are members of the graduate faculty. If not, it will be necessary for your adviser to submit a letter stating the reasons supporting the appointment to the committee.