Sue Cline coordinates the application and administration of Graduate Comprehensive and Final Examinations (thesis defense).

Comprehensive Exams

Offered by most programs during fall and spring semesters and by some programs during summer session. Program Coordinators or advisors should be contacted regarding availability of exams during summer session.

Comprehensive Exam sessions are scheduled twice each semester over two consecutive days. Applications must be submitted by the established deadlines (see procedures and exam deadlines above).

Note: Several areas such as Science Education use different exam formats. Students should discuss procedures with their advisor. Nevertheless, students must file applications and exam requests by published deadlines.

Ph.D. Thesis Defense

The student and their faculty committee schedule Ph.D. final examinations (thesis defense). Exam dates must be officially declared in the Office of Teacher Education and Student Services at least 2 weeks before the oral defense and by the established deadlines. Students preparing for thesis defense must have satisfied all coursework submitted on the Graduate College Plan of Study form.

Note:  Although the Request for Final exam is available through the Graduate College web site the Information for Request for Final Exam is preferred in the College of Education.

Students planning to complete the Ph.D. in any given semester must be enrolled during that semester and must file an Application for Degree.

  • Information for Request for Final Exam (Thesis Defense Application)
  • Graduate Degree Application - go to MyUI in the Student Life Management block of options. Your degree major is the name of your department. Your sub-track is your program title. If do not wish to see your sub-track listed on your transcript you must opt-out of this listing. See Sue in N310 LC for the opt-out process.

Updated 7/20/2017