Vision Statement

Fulfilling the University of Iowa’s obligation to better its community

Mission Statement

ICARE provides a high level of professional services to assist university researchers in developing projects that are relevant both to their disciplines and to the communities that surround us. We strive to assist researchers in applying their disciplines to real-world problems by connecting them with the needed colleagues and community partners.

Purpose Statement

At ICARE, we believe the university has a responsibility to use the knowledge it develops to help promote and enhance the well-being of the communities with which we interface. We connect university researchers from various disciplines at the university with community partners to help tackle real-world problems by providing a high level of professional services that helps facilitate and support these relationships.

ICARE facilitates interdisciplinary research at The University of Iowa by providing a format through which all scientists and community partners can collaborate. This is accomplished through the provision of skilled communication, project management, and informed knowledge on research funding, research ideas, and design of actionable research projects. 

At I-CARE, we also provide funds to initiate research projects. In providing seed funds, we are able to support projects that enhance and enrich our understanding of school-based healthcare programs, healthcare research, the use of technology in the classroom, interdisciplinary STEM education, and diversity issues in education. We strive to encourage and support research projects that will directly translate to activities and interventions that will fit into the needs of our community. We believe it is important to engage with the community and to integrate the research findings into our community in order to enhance our quality of life.