Current Deadline

The next deadline is January 19, 2018. Please send nomination materials to Megan Foley Nicpon (Award Selection Committee chair) at


The Ernie T. Pascarella Military Veteran Promise Award acknowledges veterans who seek to make contributions through a new career in civilian life with their study in the UI College of Education.

The award honors a graduate student veteran who demonstrates exceptional career promise. The student’s academic promise and achievement is secondary to military service. Special consideration will be given to students who have served in a combat theater in a direct-action capacity.

Professor Ernest T. (Ernie) Pascarella is a highly distinguished scholar and decorated veteran. He was a platoon leader and rifle company commander with the First Marine Division in Vietnam from 1967-1968, receiving three Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star for his service. Pascarella holds the Mary Louise Petersen Endowed Chair in Higher Education and is former director – and currently a faculty affiliate – of the Center for Research on Undergraduate Education at the University of Iowa.

Students may be nominated by any member of the College of Education faculty and staff, or they may self-nominate.

Award Considerations

The third Ernest T. Pascarella Military Veteran Promise Award will be presented in Spring 2018, with formal recognition at the annual College of Education Awards Ceremony. The honor is a prestigious recognition of military service and promise for a significant career in civilian life and includes a $1,000 award.

Information about nominees that may be collected during the selection process include:

  • Minimum of one letter of nomination stating the qualities of the nominee that are consistent with the award criteria
  • Nominee’s statement of his/her career goals and how they are related to military/veteran's service
  • Description by nominee of the program or career in which s/he is interested and why
  • Academic performance indicators such as GGPA, UGPA, and GREs
  • Information about the nature of the veteran’s military service

Selection Process

The award selection committee shall select the recipient based on nominations submitted by Dec. 8, 2017. The Award Selection Committee of four individuals will include two College of Education faculty members and two I-SERVE Advisory Board members. The committee will be appointed by Committee Chair Dr. Megan Foley Nicpon and will make the select a winner by March 5, 2018. If at all possible, the awardee is introduced to Pascarella so that he may directly become acquainted with the individual.