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Spring 2016

  • Dutcher, Cathleen Elizabeth. Study Abroad Experiences: A Comparative Study of goals and Subsequent Actions. Dr. Pamela Wesely
  • Falk, Megan. Responses to Literature Through Multiple Sign Systems: A Study of Fifth Grade Girls in an After School Book Club. Dr. Renita Schmidt
  • Gaskin, Kenneth. Thinking about Summer Learning Loss: A Case Study. Dr. Renita Schmidt
  • Leytem, Callie. Strong Girls and Gendered Reading Identities How Young girls view Female Readership. Dr. Amanda Thein
  • McGhghy, Leah. Using Critical Literacy to Create a Positive Classroom Community: Sexual Identity in the Classroom. Dr. Renita Schmidt
  • Schreiber, Sydney E. Analysis of Elementary Social Studies Textbooks in the 1940's and 2000's. Dr. Renita Schmidt
  • Wool, Tracey E. Development of a Tool to Determin the Level of STEM Integration in Instruction. Dr. Mark McDermott


Fall 2014

  • Kahan, Rachael. Evaluation of Adult Literacy Programs and Understanding Effective Strategies for Adult Learners. Dr. Carolyn Colvin

Spring 2014

  • Cassier, Ellysa. The Use of Oral History in Secondary Social Studies Classroom. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Peirson, Danielle N. Best Practices in Pedagogy: Implications of the Third Grade Common Core Langue Arts State Standards in Initiative. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Revelez, Rachel A. Positional Identity: Defining Oneself in Terms of Others. Dr. Renita Schmidt
  • Ritchie, Kiley D. Bullying in the Classroom. Dr. Stewart Ehly
  • Seales, Kellie. Gifted Student Perceptions on Effective Teachers. Dr. Laurie Croft

Fall 2013

  • Johnson, Rebecca, A. The Reading and Writing Analysis of a Highly Gifted Student. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Wirtz, Kristin. Dance as a Response to Literature: Incorporating Movement in the Classroom. Dr. Renita Schmidt

Spring 2013


  • Dougherty, Megan, K. Evaluation of High school Government Assignments with Bloom's Taxonomy: An Independent Study of Creativity in Assignments. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Radasevich, Julia. Common Core Standards: 7th Grade Language Arts in Illinois and Iowa. Dr. Nancy Langguth
  • Spangenberg, Ian, M. Sequential Motion: Implications of the Vertical Curriculum Structure in the Next Generation Science Model. Dr. Maureen Marron

Fall 2012

  • Jepson, Katherine. Elementary Age Music Teaching: An Exploration of Social Interaction. Dr. Mary Cohen
  • Tow, Emily. My Digital Semester: A Personal Exploration of the Aesthetic and Emotional Aspects of Technology Adoption and use in Teaching and Learning. Dr. John Achrazoglou
  • Yapias, Judi. Education in Togo, Africa. Dr. Laurie Croft

Spring 2012

  • French, Rebecca. Pre-Service Teacher Concerns: Change Through Teacher Education Program. Dr. Nancy Langguth
  • Kedzie, Michael, J. Junior. An exploration of Teaching Styles and Classroom Interactions in a Saturday Enrichment Chemistry course for Elementary Aged Gifted Students. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Marsch, Jennifer, K. Examining Remedial Reading Programs: A Self-Reflective Research Project on the Second Chance Reading Program. Dr. Amy K. E. Shoultz
  • Medvec, Katie, L. Teaching Parents of Elementary Children How to Effectively Tutor Their Children in Research-Based Constructivist Mathematics Strategies and Models. Dr. Robert van Deusen
  • Schmidt, Rose, A. From the Inside: The Songwriters' workshop at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center. Dr. Mary L. Cohen

Fall 2011

  • Campbell, Julia. Throw Up: Results from a Street Arts Case Study. Dr. Rachel Williams
  • Hogarty, Catherine. Learning about Literacy through My Own Daughter's Literacy Development.Dr. Linda Fielding 

Spring 2011

  • Bentzinger, Ryan.  Advancing teaching & Learning: Using Paper-Pencil Role-Playing Games as an Educational Tool for teachers and Students. Dr. Rachel Marie-Crane Williams
  • McCarty, Colleen.  Exploring Aspects of the Artist and Educator: A Self-Study of Establishing Balance Between Two Professions. Dr. Rachel Marie-Crane Williams

Fall 2010

  • Duncan, Emily. The Achievement Gap: Literacy Lessons Learned in a Primary Classroom. Dr. Linda Fielding


Spring 2010

  • Arduser, Jason W. Misconceptions and Differing Expectations: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Parent-Teacher Conferences with Immigrant Parents. Carolyn Colvin
  • Nelson, Rachel. Successful Inclusion Strategies for Elementary School Teachers. Dr. Dennis Harper
  • Bindi, Lisa. Meta-Analysis of Behavior Interventions in the Classroom. Youjia Hua


Fall 2009

  • Esdorn, Mary. Teacher-Student Similarity: The Role Model Gap in Education. Dr. Peter Hlebowitsh

Spring 2009

  • Franke, Jill. A Saturday Language Arts Program for Gifted Students. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Goldman, Marina. Teacher Requests for Using Academic Acceleration as an Option for Gifted Students. Dr. Maureen Marron
  • Munley, Lissa A., Writing Partnerships:Linking the Over and Under-Prepared. Bonnie Sunstein

Spring 2008

  • Gerling, Ryan. Masculinity and Intrapersonal Conservatism: The Relationship Between Social Dominance, Right Wing Authoritarianism, Male Gender Role Conflict, Psychological Entitlement and Religiosity. Dr. William Liu
  • Kotarba, Christine. The Nature of Formal Leadership in Athletes. Susannah Wood
  • Oehlerking, Ashley. Motivation within a Language Arts Classroom. Dr. Amy Shoultz

Fall 2007

  • Haseman,Valerie. Teacher-Student Interaction: A Case Study of a Saturday Program for Gifted Students in Mathematics. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Rockwell, Allison. Reflective Research: A Study of Motivation in Students at Regular High Schools and at Gymnasia in Russia. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Shreck, Sheyla. Brasil to America: Learning Across Language and Culture. Dr. Laurie Croft

Spring 2007

  • Cebrzynski, Megan Ann. Teacher and Student Perceptions about Reading Strategies Taught in the Classroom. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Moore, Susan. Examining How Autism Spectrum Disorders Affect Families and Education. Dr. John Achrazoglou
  • Reinhart, Robert. Deployment of Films in Social Studies Classes. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Tazelaar, Danielle. Teacher and Student Perceptions about Reading Strategies Taught in the Classroom. Dr. Linda Fielding

Fall 2006

  • Colton, Michelle. Percussion Instructional Methods. Dr. Dan Moore
  • Rosendahl, Todd. Helping Students Find Their Voice: Motivation and Challenges of Gay-Straight Alliance Faculty Advisors. Dr. Scott McNabb
  • Nozicka, Nicole. Selecting Language: How English Language Learners Choose which Language to use in Social Situations. Dr. Michael Everson

Spring 2006

  • Beeler, Stephanie. Two Summer Reading Programs for Students with ADHD. Dr. Alexandra Torkelson-Trout
  • Davidson, Brian. Parental Attachment and Adolescent Self-Esteem. Dr. Kathryn Gerken
  • Healy, Megan. ADHD and Reading Disabilities: Instructional Interventions that Increase Academic Success. Dr. Alexandra Torkelson-Trout
  • Heffernen, Jessica. Attitudes Towards College of Education Graduates as Future Teachers. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Krickl, John. A Case Study of The Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development's Math Excursions: Geometry Program. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Lopez, HollyAnn. An Alternative Model for Identifying Underrepresented Talented and Gifted Children. Jan Warren
  • Maycan, Kristen. Student Teaching Across Disciplines. Dorathy Paul-Petersen
  • Meller, Kimberly. Reading Equality Between Boys and Girls. Dr. Gregory Hamot

Fall 2005

  • Aubert, Allison. Going to the Source: Benefits of Primary Document Use In an Advanced Placement European History Course. Dr. Bruce Fehn
  • Dohlman, Melissa. Boys and Literacy, From Home to School. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Godberson, Rebecca. Invention and Convention: Instruction and Kindergarters’ Spelling. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Johansen, Lauren. International Comparison: The Importance of Learning a Second Language. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Ruff, Julie. Building Attachment, Initiative, and Self-Control in Preschool Age Children. Dr. Kathryn Gerken
  • Scieszinski, Nicole. Gifted Bilingual Students: Two Case Studies Intertwined. Dr. Megan Foley-Nicpon
  • Sprenger, Allison. Paired Texts: Broadening Teacher and Student Perspectives Through Literature Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Thompson, Megan. Bridging the Gap: Gender and Technology. Dr. John Achrazoglou
  • Titus, Katie. Adolescent Adjustment from Urban to Rural Settings. Dr. Scott McNabb
  • VanHoosier, Michelle. Struggling to Keep History: The Impact of No Child Left Behind on an Elementary School Teacher. Dr. Bruce Fehn


Spring 2004

  • Irwin, April. Preservice Teaching and Learning at the Echo Alternative High School. Dr. Rachel Williams
  • McKevitt, Meghan. Using Language As A Resource: A Case Study. Dr. Kathryn Whitmore
  • Smith, Julie. The Arts and Literacy. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Thomas, Julie. Attitudes Towards Honors Graduates As Future Teachers. Dr. Laurie Croft

Fall 2003

  • Michael, MegAnn. Young Children's Views of Writing. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Zude, Betsy. Middle School or Junior High? Meeting Students Needs with Teams. Dr. John McLure

Spring 2003

  • Arnold, Neala. Critical Literacy, Gender and The New Teacher. Dr. Cynthia Lewis

Fall 2002

  • Polhill, Erin. Multicultural Mathematics Education: A Great Opportunity to Learn. Dr. William Nibbelink
  • Russell, Johanna. Increasing Students' Self-Concepts Through the Arts. Dr. Rachel Williams

Spring 2002

  • Lewis, Michelle. Sign Language's Relationships to Social Interaction in Pre-School Aged Children. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Lynch, Tara. Alternative Multiple Instruction. Dr. William Nibbelink
  • Manescalchi, Erin. Literature in Mathematics: Lowering Students' Anxiety Levels. Dr. William Nibbelink
  • Lechtenberg, Kate. Literacy Lessons for Teachers-to-Be: Three Francophone African Students Teach Me To Watch, Listen. Dr. Doris Witt, Dr. Herbirto Godina

Spring 2001

  • Carr, Carolyn. Motivational Practices in the Elementary Classroom. Dr. Laurie Croft
  • Rybak, Kelly. The Relationship Between Teacher Behaviors and Gender Inequalities in the Science Classroom. Dr. Susan A. Everett
  • Tschetter, Katherine. Family Literacy Within a Mexican American Setting. Dr. Linda G. Fielding
  • Unser, Raquel C. Impacts on Pre-Service Teachers' Thinking About Community Service-Learning. Dr. Rahima Wade
  • Wymer, Lacia. Home and School Literacy Connections Within a Second Language Setting

Spring 2000

  • Amend, Jessica. Exploring Gender Differences in the Self-Concept of Gifted 9-15 Year Olds. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Beier, Stacy. Using Conflict Resolution Techniques with Preschoolers. Dr. Richard Elardo
  • Crowe, Alisha. Why Study Latin? (view this presentation). Dr. Michael Everson
  • Farrell, Carrie. Lifelong Language Acquisition: A Case Study on Motivation. Dr. Leslie Schrier
  • Guffy, Gretchen. The Influence of Popular Media & Adolescents' Reaction to Television Commercials: A Research in Progress. Dr. Heriberto Godina
  • Martzke, Brenda. Examination of Concordant and Discordant Themes in Teacher Personalities. Dr. Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • O'Connell, Timothy. Providing Rationale to Engage Students in Uninteresting (but Important) Lessons. Dr. Johnmarshall Reeve
  • Seiler, Amanda. Facing Gender Equity Issues in Education: The Demeter Project. Dr. Stewart Ehly
  • Starr, Sara. Artrooms Online Dr. Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • Stashuk, Corinne. Personal Connections With Complexity: Learning About and From "School Hesitant" Mothers with Children at Risk. Dr. Kathryn Whitmore
  • Williams, Teonta. Gender Bias in Education: What Goes On in Our Nation's Classrooms. Dr. Peter Hlebowitsh


Fall 1999

  • Ivory, Shannon K. Facilitation of Family Literacy into Classroom Curriculum in a Diverse Setting. Dr. Carolyn Colvin
  • Petruska, Jennifer. Darnel: An Illusion of a Student with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and the Implementation of Behavior Modification Techniques. Dr. Kathryn Whitmore
  • Stumpf, Janna. Examination of the Differential Influence of Parental, Peer, and Self Expectations on Academic Performance. Dr. Karen Cocco

Fall 1998

  • Jurgenson, Kariann. How Textual Decisions Are Made By Junior High and High School English Teachers. James Marshall
  • Mitchell, Angie. The Discovery Of An Idiosyncratic Process and the Development of Meaning In A Student's Art Making. Dr. Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • Warner, Andrea. Interdependence In A Learning Community Anne Helene Skinstad Winders, Jackie Biting At Local Child Care Centers. Richard Elardo

Spring 1998

  • Kuhlmann, Amber. Critical Reading Of Multicultural Texts: Euroamerican Teachers In A Rural Setting. Cynthia Lewis
  • Shield, Cindy. Novice Teachers' Experiences with Community Service Learning Dr. Rahima Wade
  • Stambaugh, Megan J. Honors Opportunity Program: Assisting the Socialization of Children with Autism. Dr. Gary Sasso
  • Turner, Nicole. Parents' and Caregivers' Perceptions of Infant and Toddler Care. Alice Atkinson

Fall 1997

  • Gearhart, Kristen. "I think it has to be both!" A Unique Relationship Between the Home and School, Providing a Positive Learning Environment: Case Study of Ronda Kathryn Whitmore.
  • McNamara, Tracy. Parent Involvement. Stewart Ehly

Spring 1997

  • Beane, Rebecca. The Reading Interests and Habits of Early Adolescents. Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Friend, Irene. High School English Teachers Talk About Their Teaching Practices. James Marshall
  • Heller, Noel. Written Project Summary: Preschool Art Making and Story Telling at a Local Head Start. Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • Hurd, Mary. Gender Differences in Attitudes and Attributions of Gifted Elementary Students as Related to Science Reasoning Scores. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Luper, Willene. Owens no title Don Yarbrough
  • Scheitler, Susan. Tutor Effectiveness. Cathy Roller
  • Schwade, Marcia Kay. Instructional Scaffolding: A Case Study of One Child as Learner and Teacher. Cathy Roller
  • Stange, Tammy. Teen Mothers Speak Out on Parenthood, Teenage Parent Programsm and Their Futures. Jo Hendrickson
  • Voreis, Sara. Defining Portfolios: Facilitating Dialogue Among Students, Parents and Teachers. Bonnie Sunstein
  • Zaremba, Megan. Student Views On Mathematics Experiences. Rose Mary Zbieh

Fall 1996

  • Dotson, Darcie. Valuing Funds of Knowledge in School Communities. Kathryn Whitmore
  • Young, Carrie. An Opportunity For Success: Cross-age Interactions At A Summer Reading Program. Cathy Roller

Spring 1996

  • Arp, Trudy. The Scott County Academy: Evaluation of the Scott County Academy. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Blessman, Jennifer. Reaction to HOP Research. Rose Mary Zbiek
  • Doellinger, Heidi L. Gender Differences in Mathematics in Third through Sixth Grade Gifted Children.  Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Doppelt, Rachel. Postsecondary Education For Students With Mild Disabilities. Paul Retish
  • Franta, James Franklin J. What's in it for Me? A Pilot Study on the Relational Dynamics Between Youth Sport Coaches and Their Athletes. Dawn Stephens
  • Kleinfelter, Natalie. Student Beliefs In a Reform-Oriented Mathematics Classroom. Harold Schoen
  • Palmer, Kari. One Teacher's Exploration into the Literacy Learning of a Midwestern Latino Family: A Case for Educators. Carolyn Colvin
  • Tallman, Anthony S. Portfolios: Authenticating the Classroom. Bonnie Sunstein
  • Wallace, Rebecca. The Effect of Community Service - Learning on the Relationship Between Cooperating Teachers and Student Teachers. Rahima Wade
  • Wesson, Jennifer. Video Journal For a Student Teacher. Steve Thunder-McGuire

Spring 1995

  • Barton, Tina M. Religion In The Public Schools: Perspectives from an American Student Teacher in Iowa and England Scott McNabb
  • Eland, Wendy. Teachers and Service Learning. Rahima Wade
  • Feistner, Dan. Summary Of School-Based Comprehensive Services. Jo Henderickson
  • Oakland, Deborah. To Say is Not To Know: The Language Learning Strategies of Spanish Speaking Adults. Carolyn Colvin
  • Payne, Nichole. Anjanette Romancing the Inattentive Senior Honors Project. Terry McNabb
  • Rochford, Ann M. A Summary of My Involvement With the Core-Plus Mathematics Project. Harold Schoen
  • Shotola, Iynne. The Portfolios as Corrections Officer. Bonnie Sunstein
  • Thompson, Lisa. Computer Portfolios: Windows into the Mind. Bonnie Sunstein
  • Ward, Wendy K. Bilingualism, Academic Achievement and Stress: The Impact of Psychological Factors and Language Proficiency on Latino. E.G. Vazquez

Fall 1994

  • Dutton, Diane. M. no title Cathy Roller
  • Leahy, Susan. Mathematical Reasoning Strategies Used by Secondary Teachers in a Tool-Present Environment. Rose Mary Zbiek
  • Schmitt, Heidi. Portfolios: Usage In The Present Educational System. Bonnie Sunstein

Spring 1994

  • Ashton, Ann. YES! Project Evaluation Research Parent Interviews. Rahima Wade
  • Baker, Amy L. Reading and Writing in Alternative School Settings: A Field Research Report. Cathy Roller
  • Everett, Susan. no title Rahima Wade
  • Galle, Christine. The Effects of Attitudes Toward Mathematics on Test Scores. Dr. Susan Assouline
  • Glenn, Melaine. West Liberty Adult Literacy Project and Workplace Literacy. Carolyn Colvin
  • Gwinnup, Donna. Literary Enrichment for At-Risk Bilingual Elementary Students. Carolyn Colvin
  • Pinkus, Susan. The World Around The Child Who Paints: Environmental and Cultural Effects on Children's Paintings in Oaxaca, Mexico. Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • Pritchett, C. Johnette. Problem Solving Techniques of Gifted and Talented Students. Denny St. John
  • Putnam, Kimberly. no title Rahima Wade
  • Smith, Laura. no title Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Sobaski, Amy. Core-Plus Mathematics Projects. Harold Schoen
  • Swartzendruber, Mary Jo. Research Project Summary: Adult Literacy Tutoring Program. Caroyln Colvin
  • Vavroch, Dana. What Makes a Friend? Jo Hendrickson

Fall 1993

  • Buettner, Kristen T. Written  Summary for "The Benefits of Art for Students with Disabilities." Steve Thunder-McGuire
  • Cosper, Catherine. no title John McLure
  • Keech, Andrea McGann. The Seattle Project: Preliminary Research Completed for Nancy Ewald Jackson, Ph.D. Nancy Ewald-Jackson
  • Kelly, Amy J. Portfolio Information Synthesis. Bonnie Sunstein
  • Larson, Paul. College Student Reasons for Living. John Westefeld

Spring 1993

  • Madvig, Jill Caton. no title Dr. Susan Assouline / Dr. Kathryn Gerken
  • Van de Kamp, Trudy L. Social Participation at the College Level: Concerns and Outcomes. Rahima Wade
  • Van Langen, Jo Lynn. The Quality of Teacher/Student Interactions During Literature Discussions. James Marshall

Fall 1992

  • Shirley L. Heath. no title Dr. Linda Fielding
  • Suzanne Miller. no title Dr. Linda Fielding

Spring 1992

  • Nauman, Carolyn S. no title John McLure