The College of Education Grants and Research Services Center (GRSC) provides support for grant and research projects, training projects, and service projects in the College of Education. The GRSC:

  • assists College of Education (COE) faculty, staff and students in identifying internal and external funding sources
  • provides information and workshops for COE faculty, staff, and students on grant-related topic
  • provides support services for the development, implementation, and utilization of research, training, and service projects in the College

Grant Proposal and Contract Routing Procedures

In order to provide the best services possible, we request that certain policies and procedures be followed.

Step 1:  Discuss the project/contract with your DEO to discuss the fit of the project to your research, teaching and service; how the project will affect your activities and program responsibilities; if other faculty or staff will be involved; and what resources will be needed for the project. If you would like to request a course buyout please note the following: 1) DEO provisional permission is required for all course buyouts in advance of submission, and 2) the current cost for a course buyout is 10% of a faculty member’s academic year salary.

Step 2:  Contact the GRSC office to discuss the grant proposal, routing procedures, and submission deadlines.  The GRSC staff is available to provide as much support as needed on grant applications.

Step 3:  Notify your DEO and the GRSC office at least 10 days prior to submission deadline to make arrangements for the final review of the proposal and/or contract. The GRSC will make arrangements for the proposal/contract to receive a final review in preparation for the DEO's and Dean's approval. The GRSC will route all COE grants.

Funded Grants

The College of Education faculty are currently engaged in over 65 federal, state, and private funded projects. Since 2005, COE faculty have been awarded over $25,000,000 for research, professional development, specialized student and leadership training, center development, and assessment/evaluation projects. This database provides additional information about current projects.

Externally Funded Projects Database


GRSC Director