Top ten ways to prepare for and help prevent IT disaster:

  1. Regularly change your HawkID password.
  2. Save/back up all of your files on university network drives (H: and L:).
  3. Use university network drives (H: and L:) and OneDrive for Business to store and share protected or restricted data.  See other storage options for departments and researchers.
  4. Do not use consumer cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.. to store protected or restricted data.
  5. Avoid saving protected or restricted data on your desktop, local drives, non-encrypted laptops or devices that can be lost or stolen.
  6. Lock your computer (Control+Alt+Delete > Lock this computer) anytime you leave your office during the day.  Macintosh users press Control+Shift+Power or Control+Shift+Eject.
  7. Restart your computer once in a while so updates are applied.  When leaving for the day close all programs and log off or lock your computer.
  8. Beware of fraudulent email message from supposed uiowa support entities. ITS will never ask you to send passwords or personal information in an e-mail message. Never respond to suspicious email messages or click on suggested links; just delete the message.
  9. Regularly run the Identity Finder program on your desktop to ensure it doesn’t store any social security numbers. Identity Finder is installed on all College of Education Windows and Macintosh computers.
  10. Run through the online UI Security Awareness Training available through My Training in Employee Self Service.