The Iowa ePortfolio™ Model is a web-based system designed to document that Iowa requirements for teaching licensure (InTASC standards supplemented by additional state standards) are included in the teacher education program curriculum, and that teacher candidates -- throughout their time in the program -- receive formative feedback on their performance in meeting those standards. ePortfolio integrates technology, academic coursework, and field experience, and can serve as a skills-based tool for professional advancement.

As teacher education candidates progress through each course in their program, they add artifacts -- key class papers, projects, and other work called "signature assignments" -- to their ePortfolio™. By the end of their program, they have electronically collected multiple instances of their work, all tied directly to state and national standards.

College of Education faculty and administrators use the ePortfolio system to document that programs appropriately address standards, and that individual candidates have received formative feedback and grown toward proficiency with the standards throughout their time in the program.

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