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The Education Technology Center offers training and resources for students, staff, and faculty interested in assistive technology and accessibility. 

New accessible digital materials course

Exploring assistive technology

Teacher Education Program students are first exposed to assistive technologies early in their program of study. Technology in the Classroom (EDTL:3002) includes instruction and hands-on projects that establishes an understanding of the importance and use of these technologies in their future classrooms.

The college also has a robust archive of recorded webinars about assistive technology. These webinars (2012-2018) were narrated by the faculty and staff of ICATER (a university center that has since closed). These helpful, concise, captioned videos demonstrate accessibility and assistive technologies for the benefit of students or researchers wanting a greater understanding of these technologies. Archived listing. Archived YouTube channel.

Do you need to produce captioned videos and other universally designed materials for students with disabilities? If you need advice with captioning a video or producing accessible materials please feel free to contact John Achrazoglou (ETC).