The following procedures should be followed when submitting a project for approval from an Iowa school district. CSP staff are available to answer questions researchers may have with regard to the approval-seeking process and/or specific Iowa schools or school districts.

  1. University policy directs that all research projects involving human subjects which are conducted under the auspices of the University are subject to IRB (Institutional Review Board) review. This is to insure the protection of the rights and welfare of the individuals who are participating. For more information, contact the Human Subjects Office, 300 CMAB, 335-6564.
  2. For projects requiring IRB oversight, an informed consent document must be used. Templates and instructions for completing the form can be downloaded from the Human Subjects Office Application Forms and Consent Templates web page. Projects that are determined to be exempt from IRB oversight do not need to include an informed consent document. For more information, contact the Human Subjects Office, 300 CMAB, 335-6564.
  3. No data is to be collected until the researcher obtains formal approval for the project from the appropriate school district administrator and final approval has been received by the Human Subjects Office. However, informal contact may be made with school or school district personnel (but not students) in order to determine interest in assisting with the research or project.   District Administrators do not assist with locating project participants such as staff and students.
  4. Recommended materials to submit to the school district administrator(s)
  5. The researcher should send a cover letter and materials listed in #4 to the appropriate school administrator(s). No data is to be collected until approval is received from the school administrator(s) and from the Human Subjects Office.
  6. In cases where the school administrator approves the project, it is the responsibility of the researcher to contact the school district office and/or specific school personnel to make all logistical arrangements related to the project.
  7. In cases where a school administrator rejects a project, the researcher may choose to obtain approval from another school or school district. In such cases, the researcher should refer to the CSP Web site for information to assist in identifying other potential schools/school districts.