Graduate Assistants


Director, Rossina Zamora Liu

Rossina Liu
Rossina Zamora Liu is a writer, teacher, and clinical faculty in the College of Education. She earned her PhD from the Language, Literacy, and Culture Program and her MFA from the Nonfiction Writing Program at the University of Iowa. She is the director of the College of Education Writing Resource, and the founder of the Community Stories Writing Workshop at Shelter House and at the Veterans Affairs in Iowa City. Her work focuses on public literacy, equity and access in education, nonfiction writing pedagogy, writing across disciplines, composing processes, and narrative construction and identity.


Graduate Assistants

Tutor, Carrie Aldrich

Carrie Aldrich
I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the Language, Literacy, and Culture Program in the Department of Teaching and Learning. I have a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Alaska and a Bachelor’s degrees in English Education and Sociology from Indiana University. My 15 years of experience teaching literacy courses in higher education have shown me that writing development happens in meaningful conversation between a writer and her readers. As a researcher, I’m interested in the ways that talk about our writing can facilitate growth, both in our minds and on the page. In addition to my work here at the Writing Resource, I also teach Approaches to Teaching Writing to pre-service and in-service teachers.


Tutor, Tamar Bernfeld

Tamar Bernfeld
I am in my first year as a Ph.D. student in the Language, Literacy and Culture program. My undergraduate degree is in cultural anthropology, and my MA is in Applied Linguistics. I have been teaching ESL in community and academic contexts, as well as working as a writing instructor and consultant with both international and domestic students for 17 years. My interests include (but are certainly not limited to) working with multilingual writers as they transition from English "support" courses to other academic writing contexts. I love 'brainstorming' out loud with writers. I find grammar as it is used in different contexts fascinating. I love how writing can provide both intimacy and comfortable distance. I appreciate the ability to separate thoughts and feelings, but I only practice this part-time. For me, reading and writing definitely exist in that overlapping space of thought and feeling--a place I would be happy to spend most of my time.


Tutor, Ethan Madore

Ethan Madore
Ethan Madore is an essayist from New England. He holds a BA in History from Vassar College and an MFA in Nonfiction Writing from the University of Iowa. He is currently the Provost's Visiting Writer in Nonfiction and is at work on his first book.


Tutor (Online/Email), Warren Merkel

Warren Merkel
I am a 5th-year doctoral candidate in Foreign/Language ESL education. My research interests include intercultural rhetoric, source-based writing and plagiarism, and the role of concision in writing.


Tutor, Rocky Wood

Rocky Wood
I am a Ph.D. student in Language, Literacy, and Culture with a background in Rhetoric, Applied Linguistics, and Bilingual Education. I have taught English as a Foreign/Second Language for more than seven years in Indonesia, Italy, South Korea, and the United States where writing for a variety of purposes was part of the curriculum. I focus on how one’s unique background, culture, and identity contribute to their learning experience and how those personal elements can enhance one’s writing and communication of ideas. My personal writing philosophy is that each piece should be accessible to all readers and that writing is an ever-changing process. I try to help my students with this process through open discussion of ideas and areas of concern as well as technical support. In my free time, as rare as that may be, I love to read, travel, try new food, and experience new cultures.