Baker Teacher Leader Center (TLC)

Welcome to the Linda R. Baker Teacher Leader Center, a comprehensive professional development center and professional learning commons designed to create the next generation of 21st century teachers, leaders, scholars and innovators. The TLC adds value and vitality to the teacher education experience and enhances the marketability of our professional students and scholars through unique programs that are highly relevant to today’s education.


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Here’s a snapshot of what we do in the TLC:

Teacher Leader Certificate

The Teacher Leader Certificate is a professional development (PD) program required of all teacher education students prior to student teaching. The program includes PD in the areas of technology, assessment for learning, and school community issues. The TLC Certificate events allow us to offer timely PD with the express interest and goals of creating the teachers that schools need: technology savvy sincere collaborators, with a vested interest in student achievement.

Baker Digital Teacher Project

Better than half of Iowa’s schools have gone 1:1 – meaning every child gets a device. Our teachers must know how to teach and facilitate learning in technology rich environments.


Iowa Supports Education and Resources for Veterans and Enlisted (ISERVE) – a new program to the College of Education in partnership with the department of Rehabilitation Counselor Education (RCE) offers resources and support for veterans and military enlisted students in the College of Education (including the Troops to Teachers program).

Gaming Center

This new TLC initiative connects College of Ed students and faculty to the fast growing field of gaming in education and offers professional development on the topic for future teacher leaders.

3-D Printing & STEM Outreach

New in 2014 – the TLC will expand professional development offerings in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in the k-12 environment, including the addition of a 3-D printer and STEM gaming initiatives.

Key to the success of the TLC are strong community partnerships with educational agencies (AEAs), community organizations, and multiple schools to provide access to classrooms where future teachers can innovate, improve, and inspire. In the TLC you will find:

  • Twenty-first century skills: we recognize the changing landscape of schools and the professional development needs of new and career teachers.
  • Teacher-leaders: new teachers embrace the powerful amalgamation of integrated technologies, contemporary awareness, and exposure to world class PD.
  • Collaboration: students will gain the requisite abilities to join school communities as effective collaborators and as the next generation of teacher-leaders.

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Will Coghill-Behrends

Director, Programs and Partnerships


Kari Vogelgesang, Ph.D.

Director, Professional Development



Director, Programs and Partnerships, Teacher Leader Center
Director, Professional Development

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