Our Goals/Philosophy…

The College of Education at the University of Iowa is committed to providing effective advising services to you as an essential component of your educational experience. Our goals as advisers are to offer individualized, course-specific and general academic assistance for all students. We strive to engage students through a holistic partnership focused on personalized educational and professional goals.

Who do we Advise?

All students admitted to the Teacher Education Program. This includes all Elementary Education Majors, Secondary Education Students, and students pursuing initial licensure through Masters of Arts in teaching programs not advised by Faculty members. We also welcome prospective students interested in our programs to visit us for further guidance towards the application process.

What do we do?

  • Develop plans of study for each student admitted to the Teacher Education Program.
  • Introduce requirements for programs and specializations and maintain progress towards completion.
  • Communicate important dates and specific academic policies.
  • Meet with students once per semester to authorize for registration.
  • Make referrals to other campus resources, such as Financial Aid, University Counseling Service, etc.
  • Analyze a student’s degree audit to approve them for their student teaching semester.
  • Advise and monitor student’s progress towards graduation in complete confidentiality.

What are the responsibilities of the Advisee?

  • To obtain and understand the requirements for their chosen major and to use it to monitor progress toward
  • fulfilling the degree requirements.
  • To be aware that primary responsibility for selecting courses and meeting degree requirements is the
  • advisee’s. The adviser can suggest, recommend, and remind student of rules and requirements, but the advisee has primary responsibility for meeting program and degree requirements.
  • Make, keep and be on time for appointments with academic advisor at least one time each semester.
  • Learn to access and use the ISIS enrollment system.
  • To discuss with the adviser academic performance and its implications.
  • To follow up on referrals made by the adviser.
  • To be familiar with published academic rules and regulations of the University of Iowa.
  • Understand that each academic plan is individual.