Awarded to undergraduate students who are doing their student teaching in a foreign country and established by Linda R. Baker (BA ‘68) and was supported by Nicholas Colangelo.

Recent recipients

  • 2016 - Elisabeth Cowden, Lauren Darby, Victoria Hawley, Erica Jennings, Alexander Kinzel, Brittany Loutsch, Caitlin McCullough, Mandi Niebes Lueck, Chelsy Petersen, Jessica Rooney, Taylor Schlicher, Taylor Stewart, Jon Whisler, Jordan Wray, Katherine Yang
  • 2015 - Heidi Bibler, Kelsey Einertson, Maidely Garcia, Emily Greenman, Holly Holst, Angela Knutson, Nicole Krois, Catherine Martinez, Connor McCallum, Jessica McCarthy, Jessica Moffitt, Kelsey Myhre, Caitlin Otte, William Stockman, Ciara Thompson, Kelly Van Acker, Emily Yingling, Lydia Yoder