Awarded to an outstanding graduate student in educational administration. Established by Don (BSC '24) and Dorothy Guthrie (BA '24/MA '26) in honor of Perry Eugene McClenahan (BPH 1905/MA 1906).

More about Perry Eugene McClenahan

Born in Keokuk County, Iowa in 1871, McClenahan spent his entire life in educational work.  He received both his  bachelor's and master's degrees from The University of Iowa.  He served as a rural teacher at Coal Creek and as as superintendent of schools at Milo and Winterset.  He taught at New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanics Arts and was Dean of Liberal Arts at Highland Park College, Des Moines.

In 1911, he joined the Iowa State Department of Public Instruction as a High School Inspector.  In 1918 he was elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  During the last ten years of his life he traveled extensively in the United States as representative of a book company.  He died in 1938.  

Recent recipients

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