Awarded to worthy undergraduate or graduate students in education and established by the trust of Dr. Marion Anderson (BA '24/MA '26/PhD '34) in memory of her long-time friend, Dr. Gunn (BA '23/MA '27/PhD '33).

More about Mary Agnella Gunn

Mary Agnella Gunn was a native of Sioux City, IA and crossed paths with Marion A. Anderson, her lifelong friend, at the University of Iowa where Gunn majored in English and Anderson majored in education.  Both women taught together at the University Experimental School while working on their advanced degrees.  Following their graduate degrees they moved to Boston where Dr. Gunn had a long career with Boston University and Dr. Anderson with schoolbook publisher Ginn and Company.  In 1987 Dr. Gunn and Dr. Anderson retired together and lived in the San Francisco area, and then the San Diego area until their deaths.

Recent recipients

  • 2017 - Christina Karen Crowley
  • 2016 - Sally Solomon
  • 2015 - Candice Maier
  • 2013 - Rebecca Maher
  • 2013 - Shayla Stater
  • 2012 - Ian Spangenberg
  • 2010 - Annie Gordon
  • 2009 - Kyle Phillips
  • 2007 - Diana Brace