Awarded to undergraduate or graduate students in the College of Education. Preference to be given to Iowa students enrolled in elementary education from Iowa in elementary education. Established by Margaret A. Sloan (BA '55/MA '61).

More about Margaret Sloan

Margaret Sloan had nine years of teaching under her belt by the time she became a student at the University of Iowa College of Education.  After she graduated, she took a position teaching American children on an Air Force base an hour outside of Tokyo, Japan.  She came back to the United States to direct the reading program in Rochester, MN where she worked for 20 years.  During this time she earned her Ed. D. from SUNY-Buffalo, was active in state reading councils, led teacher workshops, and wrote some of the first social studies readers that incorporated photos.  Margaret retired in 1982 and traveled extensively overseas.  In more recent years she was instrumental in expanding and organizing a library in her retirement home and has written several books for pleasure.

Recent recipients

  • 2017 - Ye Lin, Coryn Van Beek, Haviland Gilbert, Jennifer St. John
  • 2016 - Leah Dow, Emilie Githens, Samantha Roseland, Abigail Wilcox
  • 2015 - Maggie Hugen, Ellen Mays, Leah McGhghy, Lara Shema
  • 2014 - Marcus Alt, Kate Kedley, Eugene Parker
  • 2013 - Rachel Revelez & Kellie Seales
  • 2012 - Ryan Hoffman
  • 2011 - Christina Nichols
  • 2010 - Justine Schmelzer & Tyson Wirth
  • 2009 - Cady Belitz & Megan Kinen
  • 2008 - Ashley Sereg & Deanna C. Suschena
  • 2007 - Julia Frey & Megan Owen