Awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Art Education. Established by Rose E. Skalsky in memory of her daughter, Judy Skalsky (BA ’65).

More about Judy Skalsky

Judy Skalsky graduated from the University of Iowa with a BA in political science in 1965. Following a short career in politics in Washington, D.C. Judy determined she was better suited to the field of architecture and obtained additional education at Rutgers University. She established a very successful firm in the Los Angeles area but was killed in a tragic fall on her property in 2003.

Judy’s sister, Jeanne Carter, graduated from Iowa with a degree in art education in 1967 and enjoyed her career as a teacher. Judy’s mother, Rose Skalsky, felt that helping students prepare for a career in art education would have pleased Judy very much.

Recent recipients

  • 2017 - Andrea Lynn Campbell, Daniel Milburn, Sydney Micheele Protheroe, Emily Nicole Willms
  • 2016 - Alissa Kirsch, Andrea Merello, Amber Ruden, Heather Seibel
  • 2015 - Jazmine Dirks, Jill Lauer
  • 2014 - Delaney Gale, Lauren Linahon