Awarded to a student who is a first or second semester senior in the Department of Teaching and Learning who is viewed as being creative and having outstanding potential for success in the field of K-12 education and established by Elva Davies (MA '72) in memory of her husband, Dr. Davies (MA '43/PhD '49).

More about John Leonard Davies

A 1929 graduate of Upper Iowa University, J. Leonard Davies began his teaching career at Tennant, Iowa. Later while serving as superintendent of the Howard County Schools, he received his master’s degree at the University of Iowa. He left the county superintendency to become a staff member of the Iowa State Education Association in Des Moines. Taking leave from that position, he served as an officer in the United States Navy during World War II. Following the war, he returned to the State University of Iowa where he received his doctorate in 1949.

As President of the Iowa State Education Association in 1953, Dr. Davies was instrumental in effecting the eventual purchase of Salisbury House in Des Moines, Iowa. Later he served in several capacities to bring about the building and successful operation of Heather Manor, a retirement home for teachers and others.

Recent recipients

  • 2017 - Leah Dow
  • 2016 - Kelly Murphy
  • 2015 - Jessica Lambert
  • 2014 - Rachel Revelez
  • 2013 - Madeleine Valyo
  • 2012 - Nyssa Beckwith & Emily Mackowiak 
  • 2010 - Joseph Panganiban 
  • 2009 - Martha Franzen
  • 2008 - Brett D. Messenger