Awarded to students who are Iowa residents studying to be secondary teachers and who plan to teach and work with mentally and emotionally disturbed children. Established through the estate of Helen Mackin Nichol (BA '23).

More about Helen Mackin Nichol

Helen Nichol taught in the communities of Clarinda, Knoxville, Mount Pleasant, Ames, Colo, and Gilbert. She completed her career by teaching at Cromwell Children’s Unit at Independence Mental Health Institute.  She was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, PEO, and the Iowa State Education Association

Recent recipients

  • 2017 - Derek Lau, Vincent Lehmkuhl, Lisa M. Michels, Braden Michael Miller
  • 2016 - Nicole Lequia, Sakina Mack, Sara Pipala, Kathryn Stroik
  • 2015 - Angelan Clark, Robert Craft, Sakina Mack, Roseann Ockenfels, Derek Rodgers, Rachael Rogers, Tabitha Smith, Yingxue Wu
  • 2014 - Kemlyn Bappe, Brian Brandsmeier, Penelope Brinning, Sakina Mack, Rachel Munn, Roseann Ockenfels, Whitney Sheehy, Tabitha Smith
  • 2013 - Sally Huddle, Ashley Rila, Brian Brandsmeier & Kevin Hunter
  • 2012 - Brittaney Browning, Brian Brandsmeier & Kevin Hunter