Awarded to undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in early childhood development including the fields of education, sociology, psychology, and other related academic programs. This is a merit-based scholarship established by Dr. Bettye M. Caldwell (MA '46) and Dr. Fred T. Caldwell Jr., M.D.

More about Dr. Bettye M. Caldwell and Dr. Fred T. Caldwell

Dr. Caldwell has had an impressive career in the field of early childhood development and helped to create the Children’s Center, considered the first infant daycare center in the U.S., and many other programs for preschoolers.  Her numerous honors include the Dolly Madison Award, one of early childhood education’s most prestigious awards

Recent recipients

  • 2017 - Aubrey Grawe
  • 2016 - Katie Renteria
  • 2015 - Crystal Rodger
  • 2014 - Shalyn Steward
  • 2013 - Amanda Gomberg
  • 2012 - Emily Dungan
  • 2011 - Janelle Schnack
  • 2010 - Kourtney Kaalberg
  • 2009 - Abby Rau
  • 2008 - Abby Rau & Morgan Nicholson