Awarded to students pursuing secondary education with an emphasis in the sciences. Preference will be given to those pursuing an emphasis in chemistry. Established by Ryan Shandor in memory of his grandfather, Daniel Loetscher (BA '24/MS '26).

More about Daniel G. Loetscher

Daniel G. Loetscher, a native of Sibley, Iowa, matriculated at The University of Iowa in September 1919 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry plus an education certificate in 1924. He then continued his studies of chemistry at the graduate level, graduating with a Master of Science degree in chemistry and a minor in mineralogy in 1926, which qualified him for an education certificate with advanced standing. He began work on his Ph.D. shortly after that, but eventually had to drop out of the program because of a lack of funds.

Mr. Loetscher truly loved chemistry and spent over 35 years in the field after leaving The University of Iowa, both as a teacher and as a professional. This award assists others in advancing their knowledge and study of the subject.

Recent recipients

  • 2017 - Hain Moon
  • 2016 - Eve Doyle
  • 2015 - Sally Kessler
  • 2014 - Caroline Kopp
  • 2013 - Morgan Schneider
  • 2012 - Lori Trevino
  • 2011 - Andreas Damianides
  • 2010 - Ian Spangenberg
  • 2008 - Philip M. Lala II
  • 2007 - Noah Parks