Awarded to doctoral students in educational measurement and statistics and established through gifts given in honor of Professors Blommers, Hieronymus and Feldt.

More about Blommers, Hieronymus and Feldt

Paul J. Blommers joined the University faculty in 1943, first as Secretary of the Committee on Examinations and then as Registrar and Examiner.  He served for one year as Acting Dean of the College of Education and was Chair of the Division of Educational Psychology, Measurement an Statistics from 1966 until his death in 1977.  A widely published authority in the area of measurement and statistics, Professor Blommers was a highly respected member of the faculty.

Albert N. Hieronymus joined the College of Education faculty in 1948, the same year he was appointed Director of the Iowa Basic Skills Testing Program.  His work in the Iowa Testing Programs and his numerous publications in the field of testing have resulted in national and international recognition of that program.  Professor Hieronymus retired in 1987 but was active within the department until his death in 2007.

Leonard S. Feldt joined the College of Education in 1954.  He served as Chair of the Iowa High School Testing Program from 1960 until 1981 when he became Director of the Iowa Testing Programs and was named E. F. Lindquist Professor of Educational Measurement.  He served as a division chair for a total of ten years.  Professor Feldt was widely published in the field of educational measurement and statistics.  He retired in 1994 and passed away in 2012.

Recent recipients

  • 2017 - Aaron Lee McVay
  • 2016 - Kyung Yong Kim, Carrie Morris
  • 2015 - Kyung Yong Kim, Adam Reeger
  • 2014 - Jaime Peterson, Adam Reeger, Mengyao Zhang
  • 2011 - Wei Wang
  • 2010 - Katherine Furgol
  • 2009 - Bradley Brossman
  • 2008 - Sarah L Hagge
  • 2007 - Scott W. Wood