Courses listed below are defined as Teacher Education Program "Core Courses" for purposes of Teacher Education Program academic and student teaching policies. Revised December 11, 2013

All Teacher Education Program areas:

  • PSQF:1075 (07P:075) Educational Psychology and Measurement
  • EPLS:3000 (07B:103) Foundations of Education [formerly EDTL:3000 (07E:100)]
  • EDTL:4900 (07U:100) Foundations of Special Education
  • EPLS:4180 (07B:180) Human Relations for the Classroom Teacher
  • EDTL:3002 (07E:102) Technology in the Classroom (graded S/F)

Student Teaching:

  • EDTL:4190 (07E:190) Supervise Teach Elem Schl Interact Phase (graded S/F)
  • EDTL:4191 (07E:191) Supervise Teach Elem Sch P&P Phase (graded S/F)
  • EDTL:4192 (07E:192) Special Area Student Teaching (graded S/F)
  • EDTL:4087 (07S:187) Seminar: Curriculum & Student Teaching
  • EDTL:4089 (07S:189) Elem Sch Spec Subject Area Student Tchg (graded S/F)
  • EDTL:4091 (07S:191) Observa & Lab Prac in Secondary School (graded S/F)
  • EDTL:4092 (07S:192) Observa & Lab Prac in Secondary School (graded S/F)
  • ABRD:3530 (165:831) Elementary Student Teaching Abroad (graded S/F)
  • ABRD:3531 (165:832) Secondary Student Teaching Abroad (graded S/F)

Elementary Education:

  • EDTL:3190 (07E:090) Orientation to Elementary Education (graded S/F)
  • EDTL:3103 (07E:103) Assessment for Instructional Planning and Practice
  • EDTL:3120 (07E:120) Methods & Materials: Music for the Classroom Teacher
  • EDTL:2122 Create, Imagine, Play, Human Development in Arts
  • EDTL:3123 (07E:123) Reading & Responding to Children's Literature
  • EDTL:3127 (07E:127) Methods: PE, Health & Wellness
  • EDTL:3141 Number and Operations
  • EDTL:3142 Geometry and Measurement
  • EDTL:3160 (07E:160) Reading and Language Arts Methods for Primary Students in Grades K-3
  • EDTL:3161 (07E:161) Social Studies for the Elementary Classroom Teacher
  • EDTL:3163 (07E:163) Methods Elementary School Mathematics
  • EDTL:3164 (07E:164) Reading and Language Arts Methods for Intermediate Students in Grades 3-6
  • EDTL:3165 Elementary Science Methods I
  • EDTL:3166 Elementary Science Methods II
  • EDTL:3170 (07E:170) Elementary Classroom Management
  • EDTL:3071 (07E:171) Diversity and Exceptionalities in Literacy Instruction
  • EDTL:3172 (07E:172) Elementary Reading Practicum
  • EDTL:3174 (07E:174) Elementary Math Practicum
  • MATH:1120 (22M:006) Logic of Arithmetic
  • MATH:1140 (22M:081) Geometry for Elementary Teachers
  • STAT:1010 (22S:002) Statistics and Society

Elementary Education Special Education Instructional Strategist I specialization

  • EDTL:3915 (07U:115) Practicum: Strategist I
  • EDTL:3916 07U:116) Methods: Strategist I
  • EDTL:4922 (07U:122) Supervised Teaching: Elementary Instructional Strategist I (graded S/F)
  • EDTL:4934 (07U:134) / PSQF:4134 (07P:134) Parent Teacher Communication
  • EDTL:3938 (07U:138) Assessment of Learning Problems
  • EDTL:4940 (07U:140) Characteristics of Disabilities
  • EDTL:4984 (07U:184) Academic Skills for Students with Special Needs

Secondary Education programs:

  • EDTL:3071 (07S:171) Secondary Classroom Management
  • EDTL:3090 (07S:190) Orientation to Secondary Education
  • EDTL:3095 (07S:195) Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Areas (graded S/F)

(See below for additional program area requirements.)

Art Education:

  • EDTL:3290 (07S:090) Introduction & Practicum: Art
  • EDTL:3122 (07E:122) / ARTE:3122 (01E:195) Create, Imagine, Play, Human Development in Arts
  • EDTL:3143 (07E:143) / ARTE:3143 (01E:143) Methods of Art Education in Elementary Schools
  • EDTL:3205 (07S:105) Methods of Art Education in the Secondary Schools
  • ARTE:3030 (01E:196) Designing and Teaching Art Workshops (Course discontinued)
  • ARTE:3010 (01E:198) Art Education Studio

English Education:

  • EDTL:4314 (07S:114) Introduction & Practicum: Secondary English
  • EDTL:4315 (07S:115) / ENGL:4810 (08P:190) Methods: Secondary English
  • EDTL:4355 (07S:155) / NWP:4355 (08N:141) Approaches to Teaching Writing
  • EDTL:3382 (07S:182) / ENGL:3190 (08P:182) Language and Learning
  • EDTL:3393 (07S:193) / ENGL:3191 (08P:198) Reading & Teaching Adolescent Literature
  • EDTL:4394 (07S:194) Methods: Secondary Reading

Foreign Language Education _and_ English as a Second Language Added Endorsement Program:

  • EDTL:4406 (07S:106) Foreign Language Education Practicum I
  • EDTL:4407 (07S:107) Foreign Language Education Practicum II
  • EDTL:4410 (07S:110) Teaching K-12 Second Language Learners
  • EDTL:4416 (07S:116) Learning to Teach Second Languages I
  • EDTL:4417 (07S:117) Learning to Teach Second Languages II
  • EDTL:4418 (07S:118) ESL Practicum I
  • EDTL:4419 (07S:119) ESL Practicum II (Course discontinued)
  • EDTL:4467 (07S:167) Methods: Teaching ESOL in K-12 Settings
  • EDTL:6483 (07S:183) / SLA:6506 (164:171) / ASIA:6483 (039:177) Second Language Classroom Learning
  • EDTL:6497 (07S:197) / SLA:6502 (164:174) Principals of Course Design for Second Language Instruction
  • EDTL:4498 (07S:198) Language Structure for Teaching ELLs
  • EDTL:6400 (07S:200) / SLA:6503 (164:270) Fundamentals of Second Language Assessment

Mathematics Education:

  • EDTL:3534 (07S:134) Methods: Middle School Mathematics
  • EDTL:3533 (07S:095) Introduction & Practicum: Mathematics (Course discontinued)
  • EDTL:3532 (07S:133) Introduction & Practicum: Mathematics
  • EDTL:4535 (07S:135) Methods: High School Mathematics

Music Education:

  • EDTL:3610 (07S:096) Introduction & Practicum: Music
  • EDTL:3620 (07E:145) Methods & Materials: General Music
  • EDTL:3630 (07S:140) / MUS:3630 (025:164) Band Methods and Materials
  • EDTL:3635 (07S:145) / MUS:3635 (025:108) Instrumental Conducting
  • EDTL:3640 (07S:147) / MUS:3640 (025:109) Choral Methods
  • EDTL:3645 (07S:148) / MUS:3645 (025:110) Choral Conducting and Literature
  • EDTL:3660 (07S:150) / MUS:3660 (025:112) String Methods and Materials

Science Education:

  • EDTL:4751 (07S:151) Science Teaching & Practicum With Early Learners
  • EDTL:4752 (07S:152) Methods of Teaching Science
  • EDTL:4753 (07S:153) Instructional Issues in Teaching Science
  • EDTL:4756 (07S:156) Learning in the Science Classroom (course discontinued)
  • EDTL:4757 (07S:157) Assessment in the Science Classroom
  • EDTL:4779 (07S:179) Secondary School Science Practicum

Social Studies Education:

  • EDTL:4811 (07S:111) Introduction & Practicum: Social Studies
  • EDTL:4870 (07S:170) Methods: Social Studies