Office of Student Services

Mailing Address:
310 Lindquist Center North
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1529

Campus Mail: 310 LC
Telephone: 319/335-5359
Fax: 319/335-5364

Name Title & Focus phone email
Mark McDermott Associate Dean 319-335-5591  
Sue Cline Student Services Coordinator
(Ph.D., Ed.S., Cert., PI, M.A./M.S./M.A.T)
David Tingwald Licensure and Standards Coordinator
Betsy Justis Licensure and Standards Associate 319-467-4285
Stacy Ervin Record Analyst I

Academic Advising

Name Title & Focus phone email
Sarah Showalter Elementary & Secondary Advising 319-335-5119
Carter Burks Elementary Advising 319-467-3260
Misty Brents Elementary Advising 319-335-5612
Kathy Mossman Licensure Analyst & Advising 319-335-5358


Name Title & Focus phone email
Paul Waas Recruitment Coordinator
Teacher Education & Undergraduate Programs

Student Field Experience

Name Title & Focus phone email
Julie Heidger Director of Student Teaching and Field Experiences 319-335-6395
Bellinda Assemien Coordinator of Student Field Experiences
Teresa Suchomel Student Field Experiences Associate 319-335-2422