Adding endorsements may make a teacher eligible to teach more subjects, or grade levels, and may make a teacher more marketable. This page contains general information for licensed teachers on working with The University of Iowa to add an endorsements.

Options for Adding Endorsements

Requirements and options for adding endorsements may vary based on the grade levels and content areas of the endorsements a teacher already holds, and may vary based on whether the teacher completed teacher preparation at The University of Iowa. Depending on the endorsement, requirements may include additional content area courses, education courses, and/or field experiences.

State-Approved Program of The University of Iowa

  • See FileProgram Checklist for a list of approved programs available at The University of Iowa.
  • Program guides are available for some of these programs. If a program guide is not available for an endorsement that is listed on the Program Checklist, please contact staff of the Office of Student Services
  • In general -- with some exceptions -- students must complete a minimum 20 s.h. at The University of Iowa to receive a recommendation based on a state-approved program.

State-of-Iowa Minimum Standards

  • See FileProgram Checklist for the list of endorsements for which The University of Iowa can provide transcript analyses
  • The University of Iowa cannot verify endorsements completed under state-of-Iowa minimum standards to other states' departments of education
  • Completion of endorsements under state-of-Iowa minimum standards may offer flexibility in course selection; frequently fewer courses are required

Steps to Add an Endorsement

Steps to add an endorsement may vary, but may include:

  1. Communicate about options with the Office of Student Services: Students currently in College of Education programs may also contact their adviser about adding endorsements.
  2. Request a transcript analysis: Provide transcripts not already on file with The University of Iowa to licensure staff, with your request for the transcript analysis, including your name, your Iowa BOEE folder number, your University of Iowa student ID number, your contact information, and the endorsement(s) for which you are requesting the transcript analysis
  3. Apply for admission to The University of Iowa
  4. Apply for admission to an added endorsement program
  5. Consult with program adviser or licensure staff for course requirements and questions about course substitutions
  6. Apply to add endorsement on completion of requirements

Conditional Licensure

Teachers should never teach in an assignment for which they do not have an appropriate content area and grade level endorsement. Teachers with a valid Iowa license who have been offered an assignment for which they do not have the required endorsement -- but who have fulfilled two-thirds (or one-half, in teacher shortage areas) of the course requirements for the endorsement -- may be eligible for a Class B conditional license, which allows teaching of a subject while remaining requirements are fulfilled.

School administrators work with the teacher to apply to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners for the Class B license. The Board of Educational Examiners makes determinations about eligibility.

Special Education applications for conditional licensure will require a "plan of study;" prospective special education teachers may request a plan of study from College of Education faculty following admission to a Special Education program of The University of Iowa.