MA/MS/MAT/EdS Degrees

Directory Information

For DEPARTMENT indicate one of the four Education departments (i.e. Teaching and Learning), and for DEGREE MAJOR, the same. APPROVED SUBTRACK is the program major that is your academic area of study (i.e. Elementary Education).

Graduate Work Completed or in Progress

Graduate Transfer Credit

Record all graduate work completed at other institutions, which is recorded on your University of Iowa transcript. The Registrar must have an official transcript from the institution where the work was completed before transfer work can be approved for inclusion in your degree program. Your Plan of Study will not be approved until the transcript is received.

U.Of I. Graduate Hours Earned

Include all work recorded on the U of I transcript labeled "Hrs. Earned" in the lower right hand of your transcript.

Sem. Hrs. in Courses Carrying Marks of I or F

"Incomplete" hours should be entered in this space.

Current Registration

This should reflect the semester in which the Comprehensive Examination is to be taken. If any of these courses are correspondence, extension or transfer classes, label them accordingly. Plea se notify the Office of Student Services if you change your registration so that your Plan of Study may be adjusted. NOTE: A course registration is not required to write comprehensive exams however UI policy requires a registration the semester that you plan to graduate. Master’s Final Registration (GRAD:6001) can be used to satisfy this requirement if all coursework is completed.

Reduction of Credit

Indicate on the Plan of Study, the transcript or a separate sheet of paper those courses not applicable to the degree (include both U of I and transfer work). These would include courses over 10 years old (see below) and impertinent course work. Discuss the deletion of course work from your Plan of Study with your adviser.

Courses Over 10 Years Old

Courses taken ten or more years prior to the comprehensive examination must be updated if they are to be included on the Plan of Study. This process is very closely monitored and is not approved unless extenuating circumstances exist. Contact your advisor or the Office of Student Services regarding the update procedure.Course work over ten years old which has not been verified by an update letter must be deleted from the Plan of Study.

Graduate courses not to be applied toward this degree

This would be courses taken at the Graduate level in an area unrelated to this degree major. List only courses that cannot apply to this degree.


Students must acquire the advisor signature on the Plan of Study Summary Sheet and Comprehensive Examination The remaining signatures will be secured by the Student Services staff. Submit the forms to Student Services by the deadlines established for each session. Copies of your transcript and current registration will be submitted by the Student Services office.

Registration Requirements

You must have completed at least 24 semester hours of course work from the University of Iowa after being admitted to the Graduate College. For the Ed.S. degree, 15 semester hours must be earned in residence in a 12 month period or during two summer sessions.

Ed.S. Research Project

A completed copy of the project must be submitted to the Chair of the project committee. A copy of the signed cover sheet must be submitted to the Office of Student Services by the specified deadline.