The Office of Student Services coordinates the procedures for admission to programs in the College of Education at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. Either the College of Liberal Arts or the Graduate College governs all programs. The application process, therefore, involves application to the College of Liberal Arts or Graduate College in addition to the College of Education. The Office of Admissions can provide information on admissions procedures.


Teacher Education Program Admission Requirements and Application Procedure

Office of Student Services



PDF iconRecommendation form for Applicant to a Teacher Education Program (PDF)

PDF iconStudent Consent for Release of Records for transfer students (PDF)


The 10-hour Pre-Admission School Field Experience WILL be required for those applying for Spring 2022 program start. It is our understanding that the state expects these hours to be completed in person in the classroom and not virtually.

Under the direction of the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners, the University of Iowa requires that applicants to the Teacher Education Program complete, document and submit a qualifying 10‐hour school field experience prior to consideration of their application. The field experience may be completed in any school district, including districts near the University of Iowa, as well as those in other communities and other states. Due to the large number of student‐teaching and practicum placements in the local area, applicants are strongly encouraged to complete this field experience outside of the immediate area.

The experience must fit the following parameters:

  • Completed in a classroom setting in the grade range and subject area of the program to which you are applying (K‐6 or 5‐12)
  • Completed in a state‐approved school and under the supervision of a licensed teacher
  • Completed during regular in‐session hours of the school’s standard school year
  • Completed following the applicant’s high‐school graduation

(Experiences that do NOT qualify include work in preschools, day cares, Sunday school, before‐ and after‐school programs, extracurricular activities and tutoring. However, work in the school for which an applicant was paid – such as paraprofessional work – may qualify so long as it meets the other criteria.)

Applicants are responsible for identifying a school district in which to complete this experience, contacting the district and following the protocol of the district for volunteers. The University of Iowa College of Education cannot set up this experience for you or provide any documentation to the school district beyond the verification form. International applicants are encouraged to complete this experience in a school with a U.S. curriculum.

The PDF icon10‐Hour Pre‐Admission School Field Experience Verification Form must be used to document this experience; applicants are welcome to submit more than one verification sheet but must fill out all required information on each sheet submitted.

Art Education (K‐8 and 5‐12)

  • Completion of 12 semester hours of art and art history courses with a minimum GPA of 3.00

Elementary Education (K-6)

  • At least one recommendation from a college/university instructor

Foreign Language (5‐12)

  • Completion of 12 semester hours of course in language of program

Mathematics Education (5‐12)

  • Completion of Calculus I and II with a minimum GPA of 2.50

Social Studies Education (5-12)

  • Completion of 9 semester hours in content-area courses, with a minimum GPA of 3.0:
    • 3 s.h. in HIST *
    • 6 additional s.h. across HIST, POLI, ECON, GEOG, SCO, ANTH, or PSY

Music Education (K‐8 and 5‐12)

  • Admission to the School of Music
  • Completion of 12 semester hours of music courses with a minimum GPA of 3.00 in music courses

English Education (5‐12)

  • At least one recommendation from an English professor, preferably from the University of Iowa
  • Completion of or in the process of completing the following courses:
    • English Majors
      • ENGL:2010:Foundations of the English Major
      • ENGL:201*: Reading and Writing About … (Novel, Short Stories, Drama, Essay, Poetry)
      • A course in American Lit (ENGL 24**/34**/4001/4005)
      • A course in British Lit (ENGL 23**/33**/4002/4006)
    • English and Creative Writing Majors
      • ENGL:2010 Foundations of the English Major
      • ENGL:2020 Foundations of Creative Writing
      • A course in American Lit (ENGL 24**, 34**/4001/4005)
      • A course in British Lit (ENGL 23**/33**/4002/4006).


Complete information about requirements and course content of Teacher Education Program areas can be found in our Program Guides.

In addition to the other requirements of the application to the Teacher Education Program, applicants who have been enrolled in education courses with a field‐experience component at another institution must submit the PDF iconStudent Consent for Release of Records form, authorizing the College of Education to communicate with the other institution about the applicant’s academic performance and professional behaviors.

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree may have undergraduate‐level or graduate‐level options to pursue a Teacher Education Program. In addition to submission of the Teacher Education Program application materials, students submit an online application through the University of Iowa Office of Admissions.  

All Teacher Education Programs may be completed for undergraduate credit as a non‐degree student. For admission to the University of Iowa, applicants for this submit the Undergraduate Non‐Degree Student Application.

Some secondary Teacher Education Programs may have graduate degree‐seeking (M.A.T.) or non‐degree program options. For admission to graduate degree programs, applicants visit UI Graduate Admissions. Applicants who wish to complete a secondary Teacher Education Program for graduate credit, but without a degree submit the Graduate Non‐Degree Student Application

Teacher Education Programs of the University of Iowa are approved preparation programs for teaching in the state of Iowa and provide good preparation for teaching elsewhere in the United States. Successful applicants will have strong oral English‐language competency and demonstrate knowledge of or ability to adapt to the culture of U.S. schools. For non‐native speakers of English, TOEFL is required for consideration of an application if the applicant has not completed a degree at a college or university where English is the language of instruction. International applicants are encouraged to complete the 10‐Hour Pre‐Admission School Field Experience in a school that offers a U.S. curriculum. International applicants must meet the stated minimum scores on the admission test.

The Elementary Teacher Education Program and the Music Teacher Education Program currently offer a Direct Admission path for qualified applicants upon graduation from high school. Direct Admission candidates must meet certain high‐school GPA and ACT score requirements in order to be identified for this path. Once identified, Direct Admission candidates must submit qualifying Praxis Core scores and qualifying 10‐Hour Pre‐Admission School Field Experience verification by a date to be established, and must meet other requirements of the program area.

Applicants who are not admitted may reapply no more than twice (total of three applications) and to reapply must have substantive change in application (such as a higher grade‐point average, new recommendations or more hours of volunteer experience). This applies only to applicants whose application files have been reviewed by the faculty of a program; incomplete applications are not counted toward the three attempts. Applicants who have previously been denied by the faculty are encouraged to consult with the program area coordinator about their plans to reapply.