The Office of Student Services coordinates the procedures for admission to programs in the College of Education at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. Either the College of Liberal Arts or the Graduate College governs all programs. The application process, therefore, involves application to the College of Liberal Arts or Graduate College in addition to the College of Education. The Office of Admissions can provide information on admissions procedures.

All students applying to initial teacher preparation programs must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program (TEP).

Initial teacher preparation programs are offered in Elementary and Secondary Education and are housed in the Department of Teaching and Learning.  State of Iowa approved school support programs are offered by all departments in the College of Education.

Through The University of Iowa's nationally recognized programs, students master a body of knowledge and ultimately contribute to it through their own scholarship and research. Iowa's graduate students work closely with a faculty of scholars who are committed to lives of learning. Together, faculty and students work in an atmosphere of academic freedom and intellectual verve that stimulates creative and innovative thinking. Iowa's graduate programs have both depth and breadth. Iowa's graduate students actively participate in the life of a large and multifaceted University community. They receive specialized attention within their own disciplines while they exchange ideas with people from throughout the University's 10 colleges and more than 90 degree programs.

No one criterion is used in selecting candidates. All interested persons are encouraged to apply. In reviewing applications, the faculty considers the relevant qualifications of candidates across all required areas.

Specific questions concerning the status of your application should be directed to the Office of Student Services, N310 Lindquist Center, (319) 335-5260. Applicants are encouraged to check with the financial aid office for deadlines regarding financial aid.