Schematic black and white representation of five small and one large Viking warriors with shields, spears, and battle axes
Catalog #: 
20th Century
Subject Matter: 
Human Figures

Medium: Silkscreen
Size: 30 x 32 in.
Location: Inside N259 LC
Donor: Donated by E.F. Lindquist; conservation and exhibition generously supported by Professor Emeritus H. Dee and Myrene Hoover.

About the Artwork

Bongard’s Warriors depicts a hodgepodge of figures circling a larger man, presumably the leader, in a Viking helmet. They show off their weapons and their most heroic poses for the viewer. Bongard’s emphasis on line, particularly horizontal lines, deflates the macho figures and embraces their comical side. Furthermore, the reduction of the figures to shapes (triangles, circles, and rectangles) and the reduced color palette aligns him with the interests of Cubists in the early twentieth century.

Abstract, Print, Human Figure, Cubism, Men, Warriors

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