Long red rectangle with eight green u-shaped lines coming from the top left corner to the bottom right edge
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20th Century
Subject Matter: 

Medium: Rya rug, wool and cotton
Size:70 x 51 in.
Location: Inside 103 LC
Donor: Donated by E.F. Lindquist; conservation and exhibition generously supported by Professor Emeritus H. Dee and Myrene Hoover.

About the Artwork

Rya rugs date back to at least the fifteenth century in Scandinavia. Originally, they were used on beds. The thick and heavy wool provided warmth in the winter months. The beauty of their designs led them to be hung on walls. During the nineteenth century, factories produced the rugs in large quantities cheaply. Artisans refocused their attention on rya rugs in the early twentieth century with organizations like Friends of Finnish Handicraft, and the rugs again became a celebrated art form.

Friends of Finnish Handicraft, Textile, Non-Objective, Abstract

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