Close-up view of tall purples flowers in a green field with rolling hills in the background
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Medium: Oil Pastel on Paper
Size: 10 1/2 x 10 1/2
Location: 2nd floor North LC near door
Donor: Purchased by Nicholas and Kay Colangelo.

Pastel, Nature, Landscape, Representational, Iowa, University of Iowa, West Virginia University

More about Marty Mitchell

b. 1950

Marty Mitchell was born in Iowa. She earned her BFA from the University of Iowa and her MFA from West Virginia University. Her work combines autobiography and landscapes. The personal approach and attention to creating meaningful compositions makes her landscapes stand out from others in the genre. After living and teaching in West Virginia, Ohio, and Colorado, she has returned to Iowa to focus on making art and running her gallery, Ben & Flo's Fine Yarn, Fine Arts and Other Finds in Mount Vernon.

Artist Statement:
Once, my paintings concentrated on the figure in autobiographical studies. I now focus that sense of autobiography within a landscape context. My work continues to explore questions about how we are acculturated and socialized, and therefore, how we view our environment as we are trained by society. I explore an idea that our socialization causes us to view that environment in very conditioned ways, gender and role-playing being significant factors. Women have traditionally been trained to experience their surroundings from a limited, or ‘bounded,’ perspective, ie: from the intimacy of home and garden, whereas men have traditionally been encouraged to view the space around them with the panoramic vision of ‘manifest destiny.’ In understanding this, I seek to contrast intimate and easily overlooked spaces with vast, deep spaces, creating opposition in and of view.