Abstract depiction of a dog in profile composed of geometric shapes with a combination of bright colors and patterns
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Medium: Lithograph
Edition: 34/95
Size: 27 x 20 1/4 in
Location: Outside 300B LC
Donor: Donated by E.F. Lindquist; conservation and exhibition generously supported by Professor Emeritus H. Dee and Myrene Hoover.

About the Artwork

In this print, Maurice Estève combined bold colors, geometric shapes, and pattern to construct the figure in Anubis, the Ancient Egyptian god with the head of a dog and the body of a man associated with the afterlife. The reduction of objects to shapes and patterns is typical of Estève's figurative and non-objective pieces.


Estève: Aquarelle. Exh. Cat. Zurich: Neue Galerie, 1973.

Print, Color, Geometric Shapes, Abstract, Animals, Dog, Human-Animal Hybrid, Anubis, Ancient Egyptian God

More about Maurice Estève


Maurice Estève grew up in France splitting his time between his grandparents' home in the countryside (Culan) and his parents' home in Paris. When he was in Paris, he frequently went to the Louvre to look at paintings. After spending the years of WWI in Culan, he returned to Paris where he made his living as a typographer and furniture designer while painting in his free time. After overseeing a textile design studio in Barcelona in 1923, he returned to Paris in 1924 to concentrate on painting. Color was an important element in Estève's work.