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Interacting with students in remote locations using Zoom

Note: When instructed to mute microphones Macintosh users must mute within Zoom and the Macintosh system control panel.

Whole class presentations with remote students using Zoom

When a teacher selects to put the room in Shared mode all table microphones and ceiling speakers work great!

  • All students log into their laptops with class Zoom account.
  • All on-campus students must mute their microphones.
  • Share content using Zoom Share Screen feature.Remember remote students cannot see what is on table TV screens.
  • To see the whole class look at Zoom screen.
  • Hidden desktop table computers (PC’s) connected to wireless keyboard are not used or turned on in Shared mode.

Breakout groups with remote student on Zoom

When the teacher selects to put the room in Individual mode audio will be picked up by table microphones and be sent to TV screens.

  • Encourage audio hygiene to minimize distracting other groups; no loud voices or loud audio.
  • All students log out of class Zoom account and log into one of the below accounts.
    Table Zoom accounts
    Table Zoom link
    Red table https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/188507107
    Blue table https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/841237726
    Yellow table https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/229194634
    Green table https://uiowa.zoom.us/j/701755765
  • In class students login their table with hidden desktop computers (PC) connected to wireless keyboard. This turns on wall cameras and remote students get a great view of the tables.
  • Laptops in the classroom may also log into Zoom but they must be muted.In class students can use their laptops but we recommend they do not login to Zoom.
  • Students use Zoom’s Share Screen to share materials.
  • To return to whole class activities:

    Students sign out of table Zoom accounts.
    Logout of hidden PC!
    Login to teachers whole class Zoom account with laptops.

    Note: If other table talk is distracting and you may want to use ear buds. To have audio switched from the TV screens to table headphone jacks right mouse click on the speaker icon choose Playback Devices; right mouse click and Enable Speakers/Headphone and Disable HDMI. You may need to right mouse click to show Disabled Device. Enable HDMI and disable Speakers/Headphone to go back to sound coming from TV’s.