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The College has invited a group of experienced graduate students to form our Graduate Student Executive Committee (GSEC) which has been active in offering sessions both informational and social that are intended to support graduate student endeavors. They have also provided valuable input to college administration on many issues including orientation for new students entering the college.


Helpful Information for College of Education Graduate Students

Listed below are funding sources available to incoming and current students. Currently these sources are available on a reoccurring basis, though dates of availability may change. Please note this list is not limited to all funding possibilities and that other funding does become available throughout the academic year.

Parking on or near campus can be expensive and difficult to find. Luckily, the University of Iowa has great campus transportation, and local metro transit is also readily available.

  • CAMBUS : The on-campus bus transit system provides multiple routes for getting around campus.
  • City Bus: Both Iowa City and Coralville have extensive and popular transit systems. North Liberty also has a bus route into downtown Iowa City. Students can buy discounted bus passes through the university.
  • Bongo – stands for “Bus on the Go” and is a real-time passenger information system that allows riders to find current bus locations as well as predictions for upcoming bus arrivals. This is for the Cambus, Iowa City, and Coralville bus routes.

University-Based Live Entertainment and Cultural Venues

Community-Based Live Entertainment and Cultural Venues

Iowa City Recreation:


  • City Park – located just north of campus on North Dubuque Street, this park has several baseball fields, bocce ball courts, picnic pavilions, and other playground equipment.
  • Iowa River Corridor Trail – a nice, paved trail runs along the Iowa River through Iowa City. You can pick up the trail by crossing the river at the IMU and heading north or south on the trail. Going north on the trail takes you through City Park. Joggers, walkers, and bikers are permitted on the trail. For more information about all of the trails in Iowa City:
  • Skateboarding – A small skateboard park is located in City Park on N. Dubuque St. across from the university dorms (it is in the northeast corner of the park, right by the road)
  • Golf – There are many golf courses and driving ranges in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area. The university’s Finkbine course is on Melrose Avenue just west of campus. The driving range is $3.50 for 30 balls, buy tokens for the ball machine at the club house before walking down to the driving range (which is visible from the main street). Site:
  • Iowa City Bike Library -  A great resource for cheap bikes. They accept donated bikes, fix them up, and then “loan” them out to community members in exchange for a deposit. Deposits cost between $75-$300, and if you return the bike within 6 months, you get almost all of your deposit back. If you don’t return the bike, the deposit becomes a purchase and you can keep the bike.
  • Outdoor Rental Center – located in the Hawkeye Tennis & Recreation Complex on Prairie Meadow Dr (turn west off Mormon Trek, North of Melrose).  You can rent all kinds of things from the center including tents and camping supplies, bikes, kayaks, snow shoes and skis, and a lot more. The Touch the Earth center also offers classes and training.
  • Farmer’s Market -  - From May to October, there is a Farmer’s market on Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights in the Chauncey Swan Ramp on Gilbert Street. In addition to fresh produce, you’ll find baked goods, crafts, plants, and flowers available for reasonable prices. Live music is often provided.
  • Swimming - Click the link for the full list (including links) of Iowa City’s pools and splash pads


  • Bowling: Colonial Bowling Lanes - 2253 Old Highway 218 South (South Gilbert becomes Old Highway 218)
  • Pool tables
    • Brother’s Bar on the Pedestrian (Ped) Mall
    • TCB - 114 E. College St (on the Ped Mall)
    • The Dublin Underground – 5 S. Dubuque St. (just north of the Ped Mall)
    • Deadwood Tavern – 6 S. Dubuque St. (across from the Dublin; also has air hockey, pinball)
    • Joe’s Place – 115 Iowa Ave. (north of the Ped Mall; also has darts, air hockey, foosball)
    • Pints – 118 S. Clinton St. (across the street from the Old Capitol Mall)
  • Sports and Arts Lessons
  • Movie Theaters
    • Bijou Theatre—student-run, usually free with UI student ID, located in the IMU (
      • Closed until further notice
    • Film Scene – Partners with the Bijou, located on the Ped Mall (
    • Marcus Sycamore Cinema 12 (1602 Sycamore Street, Iowa City, IA, 52240; 319-351-8383)
      • Currently closed, but opening dates will be announced soon.
    • Marcus Coral Ridge 10 (1451 Coral Ridge Avenue, Coralville, IA, 52241; 319-625-1010)
      • Currently closed, but opening dates will be announced soon
  • Nearby Recreation

Downtown Iowa City

Interesting shops

  • Iowa Artisans Gallery – On Washington Street near the Ped Mall. All kinds of neat hand-crafted stuff. It can be pretty expensive, but there are some interesting things fairly reasonably priced
  • Iowa Book – corner of Clinton St. and Iowa Ave. Typical college t-shirt shop and textbook store
  • Prairie Lights Bookstore- nice little bookstore on Dubuque St., north of the Ped Mall
  • RSVP- Linn St., just north of Seashore Hall, south of Market St. Nice, hip stationery shop; also does fancy invitations
  • Home Ec. – Linn St., cute shop with fabrics, yarn and creative ideas, and they have sewing machines you can use
    • Online shopping only
  • Revival—on the Ped Mall—Stylish consignment shop that also sells local and independent designers’ goods
    • Closed due to relocation
  • White Rabbit—S. Linn St near the public library—Art, apparel, jewelry, knickknacks. New and used. Fun and unique.


Coffee shops (*Free wireless internet)

  • Starbucks*- corner of Burlington and Clinton – the usual.
  • Teaspoons*-Old Capitol Mall -great latte's and good snacks!
  • Java House*- Near the Ped Mall on Washington St--five locations around town
  • Prairie Lights Café* – nice quiet space on 2nd floor with nice windows;
    • Closed until further notice
  • Cortado Coffee & Café – (No Wi-Fi) Located on S Clinton St in across from Schaeffer Hall
  • Fair Grounds* -   345 S. Dubuque Street. Fair trade coffee & tea. Delicious French toast, muffins, waffles; vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free friendly.
    • Closed until further notice
  • Bread Garden Market** – on Ped Mall across from public library – a convenient grocery store that also serves coffee and buffet-style food. Indoor and outdoor seating.


Food, a non-comprehensive list (**Outdoor seating available)

  • Airliner – on Clinton St. – sandwiches, pizza (pizza deals on Tuesdays), bar
  • St. Burch Tavern** – corner of Iowa Ave. and Dubuque St. – Midwestern food like wraps, complicated salads, and fish entrees. Also a bar.
  • Baroncini Ristorante – Linn St. near Washington – fancy, delicious, expensive Italian food in a romantic atmosphere
  • Blue Bird Diner** – corner of Market and Gilbert—delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks 
  • Basta** – Iowa Avenue downtown – good Italian food, nice atmosphere, good wine and drink selection
  • Bo James** – on Washington St.  – typical bar food and decent specials
  • Bread Garden** – Ped Mall across from the public library – grocery store, bread, the best tomato soup and macaroni and cheese! Great sandwiches, salads, and deserts, too.
  • Brix** – on Linn St north of downtown – gourmet cheese shop and wine bar. Good sandwiches, light appetizers, and beer selection, too.
  • Cactus** - corner of Burlington and Gilbert – pretty good and cheap Mexican food and cantina
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill** - in the Old Capitol mall – tasty, fast, reasonably priced Mexican food made from fresh ingredients
  • Clinton Street Social Club – on Clinton St., duh – 2nd and 3rd story restaurant featuring specialty food and drinks, nice atmosphere, pricey
  • Crepes De Luxe Café – College St. just east of the public library – good sweet and savory crepes
  • Donnelly’s Pub** – Ped Mall on College St. – Irish pub atmosphere and food. Awesome Irish stew!
  • El Banditos – on Market St. north of downtown – Very tasty and fresh Mexican food.
  • Formosa** – Ped Mall across from public library – good sushi and other “Asian fusion”
  • George’s Buffet – on Market St – you can only get hamburgers or cheeseburgers served wrapped in wax paper here, but they are delicious! As one of the oldest bars in town it has a great dive bar atmosphere.
  • Graduate Hotel Restaurants/Cafe
    • Gene's
    • Poindexter
  • Graze** – Ped Mall – Good food for groups. It's like oversized appetizers for a meal. Excellent martinis! The lunch buffet is pretty good for the price, too.
  • Hamburg Inn #2 – 214 N. Linn, north of downtown – great breakfasts and diner food. Really good milkshakes and pie!
  • Hearth – on Washing St. – traditional Italian pizza and other small plate options
  • Heirloom Salad Co.** – on Washington St. connected to Java House – Fresh full-service salad bar. Sandwiches, pasta, and soup, too. Healthy and tasty!
  • Her Soup Kitchen** – 625 S Dubuque St. – Fresh and delicious sandwiches, soups, salads.  Delightful atmosphere.
  • India Café – on Washington near Linn – Indian food. Big lunch buffet for a good price.
  • Joseph's Steak House – on Clinton near Ped Mall – upscale, fine dining, great martinis
  • Masala – on Dubuque St. north of Ped Mall – Indian food, vegetarian, lunch buffet
  • Mama’s Deli – on Washington St. – chicken and tuna salad is amazing.  Really good soups, salads, sandwiches and great bread. Healthy and non-healthy options. Punch cards available.
  • Mesa Pizza – on Washington north of Ped Mall – really unique, good, and cheap pizza sold by the slice or whole. Great macaroni and cheese pizza!
  • Mickey’s Pub** – on Dubuque St north of Ped Mall – Irish pub and restaurant.
  • Molly’s Cupcakes – on Clinton St. – really good local cupcake shop
  • Moonrakers – on Washington St – really good Gastropub. Great food and good drink selection.
  • Mondo’s Saloon** – on the Ped Mall – Southwestern-style food, good margaritas
  • New Pioneer Co-Op** – 2 locations: 22 South Van Buren at Washington and 2nd St. (the Strip) in Coralville – organic gourmet grocery store, great desserts, good salads, terrific bread
  • Oasis – Linn St. north of downtown – Mediterranean food (kabobs, pitas, etc.), low prices, excellent hummus!
  • One Twenty Six** – on Washington St. – excellent food and drinks, Midwestern nouvelle cuisine, somewhat pricey
  • Pagliai's pizza – corner of Linn and Bloomington, north of downtown – very popular pizza place
  • Panchero’s** – corner of Clinton and Washington – basic Mexican fast food, fresh tortillas
  • Quinton’s Bar & Deli** – on Washington near Java House—tasty sandwiches, soups, spuds/potatoes, and bar drinks
  • Sanctuary Pub – South Gilbert St. – Great food, really good beer selection, and great atmosphere
    • Closed until further notice
  • Seoul Grill – in the Old Capitol Mall – Korean food. Very busy during lunch time. Go early or expect to wait. It's worth it though!
  • Shorts Burger & Shine** – 18 South Clinton St. – Local favorite! Great burgers and fries.  Have vegetarian (really good black bean burgers) and chicken options as well.  Local meat and beers
  • Stella** – on Melrose by the stadium – same menu as Shorts plus other delicious options, including Cajun cuisine (drunken chicken is amazing). More seating than Shorts and takes reservations.
  • Summit** – on Clinton St. – pretty typical restaurant and bar. Deep fried Molly’s cupcakes are awesome!
    • Closed temporarily
  • Thai Flavors – 340 E. Burlington St., south of Ped Mall – really good Thai food--community-oriented owners
  • Takanami** – Iowa Ave, near Linn – really good sushi
  • Wedge Pizza – on Ped Mall – good, unique pizza, slices or whole. In addition to pizza, also serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner options like salads and soups.
  • Yotopia – on the Ped Mall across from Old Capitol Mall – frozen yogurt self-serve. Yum!
  • Z'Marik Noodle Café – 19 S. Dubuque St. – Great food in bowls! Italian and Asian pasta or rice dishes. Punch cards available!

Sandwich shops

  • Bread Garden – Ped Mall across from public library - unusual yet delicious sandwiches, good soup
  • Jimmy Johns - downtown on Washington near Dubuque – fast, cheap, and tasty.
  • Mama’s Deli – on Washington St. – chicken and tuna salad is amazing.  Really good soups, salads, sandwiches and great bread. Healthy and non-healthy options. Punch cards available.
  • NODO – one downtown on Dubuque Street and the original on North Dodge connected to Ace Hardware – delicious sandwiches and pastries
  • Subway – on Washington St downtown – like every other Subway
  • Quizno’s – in Old Capitol Mall – like every other Quizno’s
  • Which Wich – downtown on Dubuque St – cheap, lots of options, punch cards
    • Closed temporarily

Downtown Coralville

Interesting shops

  • Woofables--On Hwy 6 near HyVee--specialty pet items

Coffee shops (* Free Internet Access)

  • Caffe Crema* - Hwy 6 (2nd Street (the Strip)) near Zephyr Printing – good coffee and bubble tea
    • Closed temporarily
  • Caribou*--Hwy 6 next to Bostons and Bochner chocolates--good coffee
  • Starbucks*--Hwy 6 near HyVee and the Clocktower plaza--the typical Starbucks offerings
  • The High Ground Café* - Located in Iowa River Landing
  • Capanna Coffee and Gelator* - Located on 2nd St across from Coral Ridge Mall
  • New Pi Co-Op Café – Located inside the Coralville Public Library

Food (just a sample)

  • Hu Hot--Very tasty Mongolian grill near Coral Ridge Mall
  • Monica’s – Great food, big selection, reasonable prices. Hwy 6 across from Walgreens.
  • El Dorado- Great Mexican food just south of Hwy 6 near 1st Ave
  • Wig & Pen—Hwy 6 near 1st Ave—Best Chicago-style deep dish pizza in town
  • Typical franchises in area: IHOP, Olive Garden, Chili's, Texas Roadhouse, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster, Bennigan’s, Panera, Steak’n Shake, and many others
  • Sushiya – worth the trip to North Liberty
  • Chong's Supermarket: 905 2nd St., Coralville, IA 52241, (319) 337-9596

Child Care

University of Iowa Family Services

4C’s Community Coordinated Childcare Resource and Referral
1500 Sycamore Street, Iowa City, IA  52240, 319-338-7684

Handicare, Inc.
2220 9th Street, Coralville IA 52241, (319)354-7641

Almost Home Childcare/Preschool (Ruth Byrd)
2223 Balsam Ct., Iowa City, (319) 361-4258,

Pet Care

Pooch Palace – boarding, highly recommended
1938 Utah Ave NE, Solon, IA, (319) 624-5164

All Pets Veterinary Clinic – boarding/sitting, etc.  
301 Kirkwood Ave, Iowa City IA 52240-4722, 319-338-8625

Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital--great doctors who love pets--24/7 care/emergency services
3030 Northgate Dr, Suite B, Iowa City, IA 52245, (319) 351-4256

Cat Clinic of Iowa city – boarding, feline wellness, etc.
1701 1st Ave., Iowa City, IA 52240, (319) 351-2252

DoMorr Enterprises - boarding/sitting/walking
Don Morrison, 319-594-5529


College of Education Writing Resource
The College of Education Writing Resource is staffed by graduate assistants hired each academic year.  Watch the web site for office hours.

Writing Center
You can set up a regular or one-time appointment with them, but spots fill up quickly, so check their website for information on when and where to schedule appointments. They also have a tutor who can respond to questions via instant messenger. Watch the website for more details.

Center for Teaching
Provides opportunities to work alongside current faculty during workshops designed to enhance teaching practice. 

The Graduate & Professional Student Government provides funding, grants, service opportunities, and a voice to the administration the Board of Regents, the State of Iowa, and beyond.  

The Office of Graduate Teaching Excellence works closely with College of Education Ph.D. students and faculty to provide the support and programming needed to not only succeed, but to stand out in a competitive market.

Speaking Center
The center is designed to help students or faculty develop their presentation skills, exercise oral speaking, or prepare for SPEAK tests depending upon their needs.

For International Students

Find more information about ESL classes and available resources through the Office of International Students and Scholars.


Lindquist Center Computer Labs

  • COE Educational Technology Center Computer Lab (N110 Lindquist Center)
  • EPLS Research Lab (open to Educational Policy and Leadership Studies)

Find locations and hours of ITCs (Information Technology Centers) across campus:

Equipment Check-out

Visit the N110 reception desk or the Equipment Checkout page for more information on equipment available to College of Education faculty, staff, and students. 


Educational pricing is available on a variety of computer software. You can find a list of most of these prices on the bookstore's website ( You must have a student ID with charging privileges activated when purchasing at the student rate because they have to charge the fee to your U-Bill; they don't accept any other payment for these products.

You can determine what software is available in the computer labs through this site:

  • Bibliographic Software, EndNote
    The university offers an online software system for maintaining bibliographies (i.e., the hundreds of references you will read and want to cite in papers). It is user friendly and can be accessed off-campus and exported when you leave UI. Find more information at the library website:
  • On The Hub
    The university offers downloadable software for students. Free software includes Microsoft Office Suite, Java, Adobe, and more.