Tuesday, October 30, 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.,
TLC Commons (N110 LC)

Please register online. TLC credit: traditional, REACH

Presenter: Robert Van Deusen, Ph.D.

Four strategies will be presented: For each strategy: you will see it demonstrated, you will have an opportunity to see if you can figure out how it works, the mathematics behind the strategy will be revealed. The strategies covered: 1) Guess the missing number—Robert will do a mathemagic trick that you can use with your students, 2) Strategies for multiplying special problems mentally, e.g., 37 x 33, 82 x 88, 65 x 65, 3) Additional strategies for multiplying special problems mentally, e.g., 46 x 54, 35 x 45, 62 x 78, 4) Estimating quotients of large numbers divided by large numbers mentally, e.g., 83,794 ÷ 563, 89,284 ÷ 251

* Pizza will be provided.