Thursday, April 18, 3:00 p.m.,

E.F. Lindquist’s legacy continues to influence four Iowa City organizations involved in educational measurement and assessment: ACT, The College Board, Pearson, and the University of Iowa. To commemorate his legacy, these organizations have joined together to present a series of joint meetings to resurrect/ encourage joint endeavors (communications, proposals, and research among staff from the four organizations, introduce graduate students/potential employees to folks they can network with, etc.).


  • Welcome
    Deborah Harris, University of Iowa
  • Facilitator
    Erika Landl, National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment
  • Responding to Federal Peer Review Requirements Related to Alignment
    Erika Landl
  • SAT Use in State Accountability Systems: Rationale and Alignment Considerations
    Denny Way & Chris Lazzaro, College Board
  • Alignment: Implications for Test Development and Test Use
    Catherine Welch & Tim Hazen, University of Iowa
  • Parting comments
    Deborah Harris
  • Adjourn for social hour following the colloquium held at the Vue Rooftop