Friday September 28, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.,

Please register online. TLC credits: traditional.

Presenter:  Professor Amanda Godley, University of Pittsburgh

The United States boasts a wide variety of dialects of English, from regional varieties such as Appalachian English to varieties based in cultural and racial identities, such as African American English and Latinx English. Although all dialects of English are equally grammatical and expressive, negative perceptions of many dialects continue to exist in U.S. society and schools. In this talk, Professor Godley will demonstrate an approach to teaching about dialect variation, identity, power and perceptions called Critical Language Pedagogy. She will first lead the audience through an interactive engagement in selected activities from a Critical Language Pedagogy mini-course that was developed and tested in high school and university classes across the U.S.. Then, she will share a detailed overview of the course, focusing on features of the course that participants rated highly and that can be implemented in a range of K-12 and teacher education classes. Selected examples of students’ engagement in course activities will provide context to the overview. Professor Godley will conclude with the lessons learned about designing and implementing Critical Language Pedagogy in university and K-12 classrooms.

Refreshments will be served!