Thursday, February 15, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
TLC Commons (N110 LC)

Presenters: Dr. Gerda Bardhoshi, Department of Rehabilitation and Counselor Education; Laura Boddicker, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Navy veteran, and Veterans Services Representative for Senator Joni Ernst

In this workshop, our presenters will discuss the unique cultural and experiential differences between civilian/community members versus military personnel. They and their families have particular non-traditional situations that lead to strong areas of resilience as well as specific areas of need for themselves, their children and families. Areas to be examined include medical and mental health, psychosocial adjustment, financial, educational, and career transitions. There are general needs that change for the family within the deployment cycle. In addition, there may be particular more specialized concerns regarding combat-related PTSD, moral injury, substance use or mental health and marital concerns that will be overviewed. Dr. Bardhoshi has expertise in the school counseling sector, with understanding of the unique stresses that subgroups of K-12 deal with every day. Ms. Boddicker is a 5-year Active Duty Navy veteran who has sailed all over the world, has worked extensively with the VA doing vocational rehabilitation counseling, works with Senator Ernst as a veterans services representative, and has two children.

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TLC credit available.

I-SERVE Workshop Series

The Needs of Military Families: Understanding Children and Families of Our Military and Veterans (A 5-Part Focus Series)
A 5-part focus series sponsored by I-SERVE and the TLC*

These workshops will provide crucial information needed by teachers and other helping professionals to understand and address the changing needs of our military and veteran families in our schools and communities. Learners may attend any combination of the five 1-hour live sessions, although viewing all five sessions is recommended. To facilitate this aim, on-line recordings of the sessions will be available through the TLC and I-SERVE web sites after the session dates.

*Certificates available to those who attend all five workshops.