Friday, December 6, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.,
204 LC (South)

Open to the public. Sponsored by the Department of Psychological & Quantitative Foundations.


  • Understanding the interpersonal decision-making processes of adolescents through a version of the prisoner’s dilemma
    Yeajin Ham, Maggie (Yuqing) Zou, Salim George, Emily Mozena, and Kathy Schuh
  • Challenges to adolescent student success and their relationship to resilience
    Salim George, Emily Mozena, Yeajin Ham, Maggie (Yuqing) Zou, and Kathy Schuh
  • Towards a Unified Model of Epistemic Cognition
    Jeni Sizemore
  • Building Our Research Networks: Open Discussion
    Whatever the stage of your research study, share what you are up to and receive support and feedback. You are never too early in the research process to share your interests and ideas!