Monday, Nov. 7, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.,
Jones Commons (N300 LC)

Come here about some of the research being presented at this year's ASHE Conference by Iowa faculty and students. Six papers will be presented.

Unmasking the Conditional Effects of Undergraduate Research on Students’ Academic Achievement at Research Universities
Joshua Holmes, Jodi Linley, Amanda Mollet

Do Honors Programs Get a Gold Star? A Multilevel Propensity Score Analysis of Student Success
Nicholas Bowman, KC Culver

The Company Regional Comprehensive Universities Desire to Keep: Analyzing University Choice of Presidential Association
Cecilia Orphan, Graham Miller

Is Effective Teaching Inclusive? How Race and Sex Moderate the Effects of Instruction on Students’ Cognitive Skills and Orientations
KC Culver, Joshua Holmes, Teniell Trolian, Michael Paulsen

Nature Versus Nurture: The Role of Good Teaching Practices on Student-Parent Persistence
Jessica Sheets, Cindy Ann Kilgo, Cassie Barnhardt, Ernest Pascarella, Carson Phillips

Black Women and College Success: Striving for Excellence in Higher Education
Cassie Barnhardt, DaVida Anderson, Laila McCloud, Carson Phillips, Ryan Young