Friday, January 26, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.,
Jones Commons (N300 LC)

Award sponsor: Dean emeritus Nicholas Colangelo, PhD and Kay Colangelo
Event sponsor: College of Education Diversity Committee


9:00 - 11:00 a.m. Student poster session
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Ceremony and keynote address

Cultural Humility & Human Rights: Approaches for Respectful Interactions and Strategies
San Wong, Director of Iowa Department of Human Rights


Student Researchers

Woonghwan An (Educational Leadership)
An Analysis of the Effect of School Choice Policies on Racial Segregation at School District Level: Focusing on the Nation’s 100 Largest Urban School Districts

Alex C. Lange, Laila I. McCloud, Kari E. Weaver (Higher Education & Student Affairs)
“This Institution is For Us”: Exploring Student Activists’ Strategies for Change

Raquel Wood (Language, Literacy, and Culture)
Defining “Quality” Immigrants: The Literacy Test Act of 1917 and Its Lingering Effect

Kelli Rushek (Language, Literacy, and Culture)
Neoliberal education reforms in the United States and their effect on a large, urban public school district and its low-income students of color: A case study of Chicago Public Schools

Amanda L. Mollet (Higher Education & Student Affairs)
“I don’t give a fuck, literally”: A grounded theory study of asexual college students’ identity formation

Michael Young (Language, Literacy, and Culture)
Toward Leadership Literacies for Social Change: Interrogating Whiteness and Possibility in a US Middle School

Sara Heshmati, Ching-Lan Lin, Ramsey Ali, Nikki Mathur Grunewald, Samantha Brown, Saba Rasheed Ali (Counseling Psychology)
Anonymous Internet Comments on Muslim Women in Hijab: A Qualitative Study

Diana Galvez, Carla Gonzalez (Schools Culture and Society)
Academic and Social Experiences of First Generation Latinx Students at a Predominately White Institution.

Sungeun Kang (School Psychology)
Ethical Considerations for Applied Behavior Analysis with East Asian Families

Lindsay Jarratt (Schools, Culture & Society)
The World between Us: Volunteers with Refugees & Immigrants and the Navigation of Boundaries

Jonique R. Childs (Rehabilitation and Counselor Education)
Analysis of First-Generation College Students’ Help-Seeking Behaviors for Career Decision-Making Difficulties

Yunkyoung Loh Garrison (Counseling Psychology)
Feeling Avoided, Ignored, and Rejected “Because of My English”: Language Discrimination and Job Search Self-Efficacy among Asian International Students

Charles Martin-Stanley II (Higher Education & Student Affairs)
The Panopticon of Racism and Black Male Experiences within Higher Education