Tk20 (Watermark) is an online data management system that the Teacher Education Program at the College of Education is using to support student success.

Faculty Instructions and Resources

In accordance with Chapter 79 of the Iowa Administrative Code [79.15(4)], the University of Iowa Teacher Education Program curriculum is “aligned with InTASC standards and embeds them in courses and field experiences.” The program must document that “each teacher candidate exhibits competency” in all of the professional core curricula grounded in InTASC and State of Iowa standards [IAC 79.15(5)].

Student Instructions and Resources

Your instructor will tell you if there are assignments in your course that need to be uploaded.  

FileStudent Uploading Instructions

  • TEP students submit to edTPA using TK20. You will receive additional information from your instructor.
  • Visit the edTPA support page for help with the process and elements of the edTPA submission process.

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