• HOP General Application 
    This online form must be completed in order to be accepted into the Honors Opportunity Program.
  • Project Contract
    After entering HOP you must complete the Project Contract in triplicate (one for you, one for your mentoring professor, and one for the Belin-Blank Center).
  • HOP Checklist for Graduation
    This document includes a compilation of due dates, project and program guidelines, and other helpful pieces of information for successfully completing HOP and graduating with honors.
    Written requirements for research project
  • David and Connie Belin Honors Award Nomination Form
    This award will honor graduating seniors who have completed all requirements for the Honors Opportunity Program, culminating in a University of Iowa degree with honors. Recipients will receive recognition at the Spring College of Education awards ceremony. The David & Connie Belin Honors Award carries a stipend of $1000 per recipient.